BCHM Training: Week 2

Happy Sunday! This past week was another week of easy runs, with slightly higher mileage, and included both the coolest and hottest weather I've run in this summer. By the end of the week I started feeling a little bored with easy runs so was happy to run with Amanda and Gretchen over the weekend for a fun distraction. I know the plan will get very hard soon so I should appreciate these easy runs, but I'm eager to get to the workouts!

Mileage this week was 22.2, and I did four strength training sessions. This upcoming week I'll add one workout to the easy runs--a tempo run at race pace. This week will also be my last week of running 5 days a week before increasing to 6.

I did 25 minutes of lower body and core strength training: jump squats, plyometric lunges, single-leg bridge raises, clamshells, regular planks, side planks, and complete crunches.

Easy run: 5.2 miles, 1:07; 12:54 pace
While I don't need to fuel for a 5-mile run, I wanted to practice getting up earlier and eating a light breakfast before running. Usually I drink juice or take a gel before morning runs over 3 miles, but I know I'll need more fuel for the hard, long workouts I'll be doing in this plan. I woke about 4:15 a.m. and ate half a banana, half an English muffin with a little peanut butter and jelly, and tea. I was out the door by 5, and that seemed to be enough time to digest my breakfast since I had no tummy problems. It was 69 degrees and 98% humidity, with thunder and lightning in the sky. I was prepared to run in the storm because the chances of me running after work when it's even hotter are about zero. But though it was slightly misty and sprinkled a little bit, it didn't rain! It was also breezy, and I think between that and having food in my belly, I felt great on this run. I ran on the river trail toward the stadiums then over the Fort Duquesne Bridge through Point State Park, then back across the bridge to the casino and home.
Lulu Heathered Black Cherry What the Sport Singlet,
White Hit Your Stride Skirt

In the evening I did 11 minutes of upper body strength training: rows, shoulder presses, bicep curls, triceps raises, supermans, and chest presses.

Rest day! I did 30 minutes of hip opening yoga poses.

Easy run: 3 miles, 38:19, 12:46 pace
I was excited all week for the cool temps they were predicting for Thursday morning, and the weather did not let me down. 57 gloriously cool degrees! It felt SO GOOD. It was hard for me to keep to my easy pace because my body was so happy and just wanted to go.
Two thumbs up for cool weather!
Lulu Heathered Clear Mint Swiftly SS & Fringe Fighter
Athleta Grey Be Free Knicker

After work I walked to Downtown to meet my husband for drinks. I walked on the river trail, and it was 83 degrees out. I could not believe the number of runners out! I felt bad that they had missed the perfect running weather in the morning, but my husband reminded me that a lot of people don't want to get up early to run. To each her own, but if I had to run after work in the hottest part of the day, I wouldn't run at all. It's just crazy to me!

We went to the newly opened boutique hotel Hotel Monaco because we wanted to check out their rooftop bar. There was a 25-minute wait just to get into the bar, so we had a drink at their indoors bar while we waited. Once we got to the rooftop bar, we saw it was all communal tables. This would work well if you had a big group of people, but for just the two of us it didn't work at all. We actually never found seats and had to stand the whole time. I'm not sure why we had to wait if there weren't seats for us. Boo.
Rooftop bar at Hotel Monaco

Another reason we wanted to try the bar was that we'd heard they had enormous pretzels there. We ordered one, and it looked so amazing. Surprisingly, it was just okay. I know--how could a pretzel that looks this good not be awesome? I don't know, but it wasn't. It also came slathered in butter, which I had to wipe off with a napkin. I don't think we'll be going back to this bar anytime soon.
Pretzel with hubby's hand for size contrast.
Pretzel looked so much better than it tasted!

Easy run: 3 miles, 39:43, 13:15 pace
I had the day off and slept in a bit, but it was still just 63 degrees and cool when I went out.
Lorna Jane Excel Mesh Tank
Lulu Clear Mint/Med Grey Energy Bra & Clear Mint Fringe Fighter
Athleta Asphalt Relay Skort

In the afternoon I did 25 minutes of lower body and core strength training: weighted squats, weighted lunges, weighted deadlifts, clamshells, regular planks, side planks, and complete crunches. I followed that up with 15 minutes of yoga.

I made a batch of seitan and coleslaw, and we had an amazing meal from the grill. In the summer we usually grill most of the time, but all the rain this year has stopped us from grilling a lot.
BBQ seitan sandwich topped with coleslaw, asparagus,
corn on the cob

Easy run: 6 miles, 1:16, 12:44 pace
The heat and humidity struck me as soon as I stepped outside to take the dog for his walk before going running. It felt very hot at 69 degrees, and the humidity was stifling. I was struggling just to walk the dog! This was definitely the most hot and humid morning of the summer. I met Amanda at North Park, happy that she was there to sweat it out with me. We ran the first 2 miles at a faster 12:00 pace because I wasn't paying attention to my Garmin, and I was about dying for the rest of the run. It was tough, but the miles went mercifully quickly because we were catching up.
Hot and sweaty run at North Park

Love how cool this top keeps me!
Athleta Amethyst Haze Mesh Splice Chi Top
Lulu Menthol All Sport Bra
Skirt Sports Streak Gym Girl Ultra Skirt
After the run, I did 11 minutes of upper body strength training: rows, shoulder presses, bicep curls, triceps raises, supermans, and chest presses.

In the afternoon Dave and I walked to Downtown for the new pickle festival Picklesburgh. It took place on one of the bridges that had been closed down and was packed. There were long lines for all the food and drink stands, and it was hard just walking through. I get pretty cranky when I'm hot, and when I'm hot and cranky I do not want to be in a big crowd of people, so we didn't stay long. Still, it was cool that it was so well attended.
At the very crowded Picklesburgh

Sporting my new Fabletics tank!
Fabletics Ivy Taylor Tank II
Lulu Zing Pink Light Energy Bra, Black Pace Rival Skirt I,
Sketchy Palms Run Hat, Party Om Bag

After that we took Django on a walk through Riverview Park. I'd done my run there last weekend and scoped out shady trails to take him. Because it was so hot and greyhounds are very susceptible to the heat because they don't have insulating fat, the shady trails were great for him.

Easy run: 5 miles, a little over an hour
I had made plans with Gretchen from Gretch Runs on Sunday. We were going to do an easy run then go to a free outdoors Tai Chi class. I was so excited to meet Gretchen, and she is of course just as nice in person as she is on her blog! It was even hotter--73--and just as humid as Saturday. I ran about a mile from my car to meet her at a 13:10 pace, and then we ran up the Forbes Avenue hill and back down, averaging a 12:22 pace for 4 miles. Gretchen is a fast runner, and I know that fast runners can struggle to run so slowly so I felt bad, but Gretchen assured me it was okay. We talked the whole time, which was fun and took my mind off the heat and humidity. I'm so grateful that I was able to run with people this weekend, because it would have been really tough to do it by myself in such hot and humid weather. After our run we walked to Schenley Plaza to wait for the Tai Chi class to start...but it never started! I saw a sign last week in the plaza for it, and it was listed on the website, so I don't know why there wasn't a class and was bummed. Oh well. I hope to try it another time.
With Gretchen in Schenley Plaza
Lulu Regal Plum Sculpt Tank,
White Hit Your Stride Skirt
White Fast Paced Visor
and Gretchen is wearing the new Floral Sport Run Times Short!
Happy running and working out this week!

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