Weekly Recap: June 8 - 14

Happy Sunday! How was your week? I had a fantastic week! My speedwork was much better, I did four sessions of strength training and two sessions of yoga, and I did great on Weight Watchers. I faced reality this week, though, in that I'm so not ready to race a 10K. I looked back at the training I did last year for the Father's Day 10K and put in 11 weeks of training for it, which was preceded by 5K training. I've only been doing faster speedwork for a few weeks, and while I'm getting better, I don't feel I'm in the shape I need to be to race a 10K. So I'll be doing the 5K instead next Sunday and will be only be in misery for a half-hour instead of an hour. Yay!

Weekly mileage was 26.

I did 35 minutes of yin yoga in the morning and 30 minutes of legs, glutes, and core strength in the evening.

Easy run: 4 miles, 50:45, 12:41 pace
This was a lovely run. It was 63F but breezy, and it was easy to keep my heart rate low for a nice, easy, relaxed run. I wore crops for this and Wednesday's run only because I was trying to heal my chafed thigh from the previous Sunday's long run without Body Glide.
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In the evening I did 25 minutes of upper body and core strength training.

Half-mile repeats: 4.75 miles, 57:25
It was 63 but felt cool. I had 4 half-mile repeats on the schedule at 9:30 target pace, with quarter-mile rest and warm-up and cool-down mileage. This was a great run! It was tough, but I focused on taking deeper breaths since my lungs give out before my legs do. That helped, and I felt strong and in control each repeat. I ended with energy and felt like I could have done more repeats. Paces for the four repeats were 9:26, 9:20, 9:09, and 9:10.
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Easy run: 4.25 miles, 56:50, 13:23 pace
This was supposed to be an easy run, but at 74 and humid--at 5:30 a.m.--there was nothing easy about it. It was tough going the whole run.
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 In the evening I did 35 minutes of legs and glutes strength training.

Rest day! I did 30 minutes of hip opening yoga. Felt so good!

Tempo run: 5 miles, 57:07
Amanda and I decided to do speedwork together for the first time save for one pace run together, and I was so excited! We went down to the river trail for 3 miles at tempo pace plus warm-up and cool-down miles. We originally planned on running a 10:00 pace--my goal 10K pace--but with it being 70 out and humid, we thought we should start at 10:30 and work our way down from there. It started raining shortly after we started the tempo part, but it felt good so I didn't mind. This run was tough! It felt so hard but my heart rate data showed I was in my heart rate range for 10K pace, so I guess that's what that pace should feel like. If Amanda weren't with me, I'm certain I'd have given up after 1 mile and switched to intervals like I did last week. We did stop for a few seconds after mile 2 so I could take another Salt Stick cap since my tummy was starting to hurt, but then we forged ahead and got the 3 miles in. Splits were 10:21, 10:25, and 10:16, and we worked hard for them! Also, my stomach felt better almost immediately after I took the second Salt Stick at mile 2 (I took one before I started running too). This is the first time I've ever tried running with someone for speedwork, and I definitely think it helps me push more and keep going than when I do speedwork on my own.
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Wet pigtails!
In the afternoon I did 19 minutes of upper body and core strength training.

Long run: 8 miles, 1:39, 12:28 pace
I met Amanda at North Park to run our regular loop around the lake. I planned on running 8, but as we were nearing 5 miles and where my car was parked, I debated stopping at 5. It was 73 but cloudy so didn't feel very hot at first, but it was humid. I felt so hot. Plus, I had a busy Saturday and was on my feet almost the whole day after a very tough tempo run, so I think my body was pretty tired. At 5 miles, I decided to continue and just climb the big hill there and see how I felt, then I decided to just run 1 more mile out and back and stop at 7, and then it just seemed silly to stop at 7 instead of doing all 8. So I did my planned miles, but it was a real struggle to get it done. My clothes were as soaked with sweat as they'd been the day before when they got soaked with rain.
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After I got home and changed, we headed to the dog pool at Lucky Paws Pet Resort to celebrate Django's 5th birthday, which was this past Wednesday. My friend brought her greyhound Henry, who is Django's friend. It was German Shorthair Pointer day there, which we didn't know in advance, so there were a lot of dogs there. Django had so much fun! The pool is in an enclosed dog park so that Django can run around in the big yard like a nut then run right into the pool to cool off. We were there for more than 2 hours, and he was beat!
In the pool--Django is in the middle
Django on left and his friend Henry on right
Django completely tuckered out after all the running around
This week promises to be just as hot, humid, and rainy as this past week. Yay. I have the Father's Day 5K next Sunday, and I'm sure that will be awful miserable fun! Ha ha, really, I am looking forward to racing a 5K since I haven't done that since last fall. I just need to accept that I'm in for a half-hour of agony and then just do the work and get it done.

Oh, and on the blog front, you may have noticed that I'm not blogging as much lately. I do want to blog a bit less so I have more time to njoy the summer, but I plan to do at least a weekly recap and one or two more posts during the week. And I'll be reading blogs when I can, so I may not get to blogs immediately, but I'll still be reading them!

Have a great week running and working out!

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