Weekly Recap: June 15 - 21

Happy Sunday! This past week was significant for three reasons.

1. I lost motivation to run. I guess I should consider myself lucky that motivation to run comes so easily to me. Most days, I spring out of bed at 5 a.m., excited to run. I have been this way since I started getting serious about running a year and a half ago. But this entire spring has been hot and humid, aside from a just few cooler days. After a month and a half of miserable runs in the heat, sun, and humidity, I've had enough. I don't want to run when it's like this and, because I'm not training right now, I don't need to. So I'm taking a break, effective this past week, and will do a few short and easy runs until after the 4th of July weekend, when I'll start training for my fall half marathons. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I'm hoping this break will leave me rejuvenated and ready to train hard.

2. I lost three pounds since the beginning of the month! That may not seem like a lot, and I myself didn't realize how significant three pounds can be. At the beginning of June, I felt like a whale. Now, I feel super skinny. I know that I was not and am not either, but it's funny how much my perception can change when my flab goes away, I can see the definition in my abs again, and my clothes fit much better. But I also realize this is a danger zone for me--if I'm content where I am, I'm much less motivated to continue trying to lose. And why keep trying to lose if I'm happy? I still have some clothes that are too tight, but the bigger reason is that I'm curious to see if being at a lower weight will make me faster. There's evidence proving that, and I want to see just how fast I could get at a lower weight.

3. I ran in shorts. First time as an adult. This was truly momentous for me, so I'll be writing a whole separate post about it.

On to the recap! Weekly mileage was 8.7, and I did four strength training sessions. I should note that I don't count walking in these recaps, but I do a lot of walking as part of my general routine (2-3 walks with the dog, walks to and from my car to my office, and a walk at lunch). I'm planning do to more walking for crosstraining while I'm taking my running break, but I won't be logging and recording walks.

This was an unplanned rest day. I was still so fatigued from the 8-mile hot and humid run the day before that my body refused to get up in the morning for strength training. When I tried at night, my body was still demanding rest. So I just did three sets of weighted squats and some yoga for about 15 minutes and took it as a rest day.

With thunderstorms on the radar in the morning, I stayed in and did 42 minutes of legs, glutes, and core strength training. It was a great workout! 

Run commute: 3.5 miles, 44 minutes, 12:36 pace
I decided to try a run commute home from work--you know, in all the conditions I don't like...sunny, hot, after work. Oof. I was beyond miserable. Running in the sun, when it's hot, on the hot pavement, near all the cars stuck in traffic during rush hour--not fun!!! Plus, my heart rate monitor didn't connect for some reason, so I had no idea what my heart rate was but I'm sure I was going above an easy pace. I got to one section of my route where it was shady and on back roads that wasn't too bad. But most of the run was in the hot sun, even when I got to the trail by my house. I was so miserable that I wasn't sure I could make it. When I got to the part of the trail where I leave to go to my house, I switched to walking to get to my house. I was starving, but my stomach hurt from running in the sun, and it actually hurt the rest of the night. After dinner I went to bed and took a nap. I was exhausted. That run was pretty much my breaking point, when I decided I needed a break.
In my office getting ready to run home

In the morning I did 25 minutes of upper body and core strength training.

I did 20 minutes of yoga in the morning and then 35 minutes of legs and glutes strength training in the evening.

Easy run: 2 miles, 25 minutes, 12:37 pace
By Friday, my desire to take a break from running was fading. I was excited to get back out, but it was 68 and super humid in the morning, so I decided to just do 2 miles. Blah. Just blah. That feeling of misery came back over me when I started running, and I was happy to just stick to 2 miles. Also, I could not keep my heart rate in my easy zone for the life of me, and since it was only 2 miles I didn't want to walk to get it down. I'm sure if I'd have kept to my easy range my pace would have been much slower.
Lululemon Heathered Black Cherry What the Sport Singlet,
Purple Fog Energy Bra
Black Tracker Shorts
Mesh Medium Grey Headband

In the morning I did 25 minutes of upper body and glutes strength training. I also did a ton of walking, but didn't record mileage.

I ran the Man Up Father's Day 5K this morning. It was 70F with 100% humidity at race start, but I actually did okay. Not good, but I could have done much worse. I'll post the recap this week.
Lululemon Iris Flower/Pretty Purple Stripe What the Sport Singlet
Pretty Purple All Sport Bra
Black Pace Rival Skirt

Oh, and I guess I should say happy summer now that it's officially here. Maybe it will cool off during summer. (Ha ha.) Have a great week running and working out!

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