Goals Update: June

Another month, another check on goals! May was such an odd month for me. With two half marathons, I was either tapering or recovering. I didn't love that, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of training in June.

May Goals

1. Run the Ghost Town Half Marathon on May 25.
Yes! Half Marathon #6 is in the books.

2. Do more strength training.
Mostly. I did 2-3 sessions of strength a week except for the week before the Ghost Town Half and the rest week after.

3. Lose weight.
No. :-( I did really well with tracking my points this month and also weighed in regularly. But I just wasn't staying within my daily points allowance and found myself going back to my old habit of an eating free-for-all on weekends.

I didn't set a mileage goal, but I ran 80.34 for the month and 548.86 for the year.

June Goals

1. Start training again and increasing mileage.
I created the following training plan for June to start working on speedwork for shorter distances. I realized last week that I have not run at 5K pace all year! I'm excited to start doing faster speedwork. I also want to start building up my mileage again.

2. Run the Man Up Father's Day 10K on June 21.
This race last year was my first 10K. I enjoyed it so am looking forward to doing the same race this year. It's on the trail near my house where I usually run, and I can walk to the start line from my house.

3. Run a 5K simulation race.
Believe it or not, there are no 5Ks in June that I can or want to do. For some races I'm not free, and others are either too far away, start too late, or cost too much money. So I'm just picking a day and will try to run one on my own. I know that's easier said than done since it's so much easier to give up and not push if I'm on my own rather than in a race, but I figure this will at least give me a general idea of where my fitness is.

4. Continue focusing on strength training.
I want to increase strength training to 3-4 sessions a week.

5. Lose weight.
Right now I'm the heaviest I've been in the 4 years of maintaining my weight loss, and, for the first time in the past 4 years, some of my clothes are tight. It's an awful feeling. I wasn't successful with losing weight last month on my own, so I'm going to start going to Weight Watchers meetings again. I also need to continue tracking and weighing myself weekly.

How are you doing on your goals?