Race Day Outfit Planning...with Kale?

With my last week of peak training winding down and taper about to start, it's time to think about the most important part of race day--my outfit!

I know some people love wearing crazy prints on race day. I love that idea. Recently, a pair of kale crops went on sale, and I considered buying them. Yes, that's right--crops with a print of kale on it. What's better for a vegan runner?
Zara Terez Kale Performance Capri
But let's face it--I'm not a crazy tights person. Stripes and fun colors are about as crazy as I usually get. So I will probably go with fun colors over crazy prints.

I also need to decide whether to wear a running skirt or capris. I have no idea what the weather will be like on May 3. In years past it has rained, been very hot, cloudy, humid, cool, etc. Will it be warm enough to wear a running skirt? Will it be raining and a skirt just stick to me? I have lots of cute running skirts, but most of them (all the ones not Lulu) don't have all the pockets I need for my gels. Lulu's skirts have three pockets, but the only Lulu skirt I have is plain black. I saw a preview of a Lulu running skirt in a fun color I was hoping to get, but the chance of it coming out in time for race day aren't great. When I want to buy things, there's nothing to buy. When I want to save money, everything I have ever wanted is released. #firstworldproblems

I've trained all winter wearing Lululemon's full-length tights with side pockets, and reaching into them for my gels and tissues is something I depend on. Plus, I plan to carry my phone in one of the pockets. I obviously can't wear full-length winter tights, though, and I only one have pair of Lulu crops with the side pockets, and they are four years old and starting to lose their compression.

As those who follow Lululemon's weekly product releases know, Lulu's stuff has sucked recently. Guess how many crops with side pockets they have out now? None. Well, they have some versions with zippered side pockets, but I don't want to worry about scratching my hand when I'm reaching into my pocket for a gel. And their styles and prints in general have been pretty lackluster.

Last summer I discovered Athleta's Be Free Knickers, which also have side pockets at the hips, and really love them. The fabric is a really nice, matte, lightweight fabric. I have two boring colors--grey and black--and a print I recently got but...it's blue. And blue is my least favorite color, so I'm not sure I want to wear it on race day.
Athleta Be Free Knicker with side pockets in the fun Splatter print but...blue.

So for now, unless something I love comes out soon, I'm thinking I'll go with the Athleta Be Free Knickers in black and...? I have tons of tanks I love and think I've narrowed down to two in colors I love, one highly lightweight in case it's super hot and one normal if it's not too hot. I will also probably wear one of my Lulu run hats instead of a headband to help with both sun and the chance of rain.

Unfortunately, I doubt I'll be able to take my outfit for a test run before the race. It has been so chilly all week for my morning runs that I'm still wearing gloves. I can't imagine being able to wear a tank and a skirt, even though we're well into spring!

How do you decide your race day outfit? Do you buy something new? Do you wear crazy prints? Do you think I'm crazy for not wanting to wear blue on race day?

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