Athleta & Lululemon Shopping Report

Last month I took advantage of some sales at Athleta. Here's what I got.

Chain Be Free Knicker
I don't usually do printed bottoms, but I loved the purple/grey/black colors in the new Chain Be Free Knicker. Plus, the Be Free Knicker is my favorite non-skort summer running bottom. They're as light as air, very comfortable, and have side pockets that are ideal to stash gels on long runs. I do love the colors in this print, but these knickers definitely scream, "Hey, look at my crazy legs!" Also, this print does not come in a petite version, so they are a little too long for me for a knicker. I'll be returning these.
Close-up of pattern

Chain Be Free Knicker (small)
Fastest Track Tank Sleek in Heathered Sparkling Purple (medium)

Side view

Fastest Track Sleek Tank
This is Athleta's version of Lululemon's Swiftly Racerback, with soft, seamless, odor-resistant fabric in heathered shades. Athleta's original version has ruching on the sides, which I don't like because you can't layer it under things. The Sleek version is new for spring. I got it in Heathered Sparkling Purple in size medium, since the small I previously tried on was too short. Athleta's version isn't as thick as Lululemon's or as stretchy. The Lulu Swiftly is fitted throughout the torso, whereas Athleta's Fastest Track Tank is tighter at the hips and looser in the waist. The Fastest Track Tank also has little rubber grippy circles in the bottom hem to keep the tank from sliding up. Even the medium is still pretty short (see photo above). I like Lulu's Swiftly Tank more, but the price is $48. For the $33 I paid for the Fastest Track on sale, I think it will be a good basic summer running tank. I don't love the fit, but I do like that the material is soft and odor-resistant, and I like shorter tanks for wearing with skorts. So, I'm keeping this.
The rubber grippy dots in the bottom hem of the Fastest Track Tank

Chi Top
Athleta's Chi tanks and tops are probably my favorite pieces from Athleta. They are great all-purpose technical tops. The fabric is very light, making them better for summer running than Lulu's heavier Cool Racerback tanks. They come in long versions, which I like for layering under other tops and for bum coverage. The fabric is odor-resistant, and they are very, very soft. I like the tops for running when it's cool out and I need something on my arms, and I also wear them as casual tops (I have even worn them to work as basic long-sleeve tees). Purple is my favorite color, so I couldn't resist ordering the top in the new Sparkling Purple shade. Of course, it's a keeper. I wear medium in the Chi Tops but small in Chi Tanks. I like the medium length in the tops.
Sparkling Purple Chi Top (medium)

Splatter Be Free Knicker
While blue is my least favorite color, I loved the colors in this print so much that I thought I'd give another chance to a printed bottom. The print has many different shades of blue and some green. Also, it comes in a petite length.
Dress Blue Splatter Be Free Knicker

Length comparison: petite on left, regular on right

I didn't find this print nearly as loud as the Chain print. I liked them on. While I don't have a lot of blues in my wardrobe, I do have some tops in white, green, and yellow that will pair nicely with this print. I am concerned that they are very dark, and I don't like running in dark bottoms in summer. Still, because I have only one pair of the Be Free Knicker (in light grey) and I got them for only $45, I'm considering keeping these, but I haven't decided.
Splatter Be Free Knicker (small petite)
Heathered Stripe Chi Tank, Wasabi Green (small)

View of the side pocket
Back view

Chi Heathered Stripe Tanks
I have a Chi Stripe Top from last year, and the fabric is different than the non-stripe fabric. The stripe fabric is not as lush and soft. But I love the Chi Tanks so much I tried two new ones--the Silver Shimmer/White Stripe and Wasabi Green Stripe. This fabric is very, very soft--not like the striped fabric from last year. It is also extremely lightweight. You can see in the pics that it's pretty see-through. The Wasabi Green is a very light shade of yellow-ish green. The Silver/White Stripe has grey stripes and reminded me of Lulu's white/grey Wee Stripe, so I compared the two. Even though they are pretty similar (the Wee Stripe is a bit more grey), the Wee Stripe is probably the tank I wear most, so I will definitely wear the Silver/White Stripe a lot. Both colors are keepers. They'll be great for summer running. These are still on sale for $33.
Heathered Stripe Chi Tanks:
Silver/White (left) and Wasabi Green
Close-up of the colors
Left: Athleta Silver/White Stripe Chi Tank
Right: Lululemon Grey/White Wee Stripe CRB

Metro Slouch
Lastly, I bought the new Metro Slouch pants. Slouchy pants usually don't work on me, so I'm not sure why I bought them. These also didn't work on me so I returned them (didn't even take pics.) They just looked sloppy. But I think those who like slouchy pants would like these. The fabric is nice and thick. There is a drawstring at the bottom so you have the option to leave them straight or pull them hem in like in this photo. I also liked that it has side pockets.

Lululemon Scores!
Popular Lululemon items sell out quickly (sometimes in a matter of hours), and popular sizes sell out quickly. The items that sell quickly are (obviously) never marked down, and the items that are marked down are usually available only in unpopular sizes. So I rarely find anything that I really want in my size marked down. Well, I hit the jackpot last week when I scored three marked-down items I love in my size!

The first was the Skinny Will Pant in Black Grape. These pants are made of Lulu's signature Luon fabric and have side pockets, longer length at the bottom, and a waistband you can wear either high or rolled down. With the pockets and the bottoms, they look like more of a casual pant than a workout tight. I've tried them on in the store and liked them but never wanted to pay full price. I was so excited to get them for $19 off and in Black Grape! I love purple, and though I don't need any more purple pants, I couldn't resist them. (Note: I should do a post to show my purple fitness clothes--I have a ton!)
Black Grape Skinny Will Pants

Second was the Think Fast Pullover in Mini Check Pique Black. I have this pullover in the cranberry color and really like it, so I was excited to get it for $19 off at my local store in a black/white color I'll be able to wear with most of my bottoms. Plus, the fabric is really super soft. I love it!

Last was the Think Fast Long Sleeve in Heathered/Silver Spoon Herringbone, another color I'll be able to wear with everything. I got it for $24 off at my local store!
Heathered Herringbone Think Fast Long Sleeve
I'm so excited I got such great pieces on sale! It's nice to have some additional winter running tops since winter is still here in full force, and having a few new things for spring makes me excited for warmer weather.

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