Weekly Recap: January 5 - 11

This week was an unplanned rest week before Pittsburgh Half Marathon training starts tomorrow. With temperatures dipping down to 0 and wind chills in the negative digits, I kept putting off and putting off my run. On Thursday I thought I'd just skip that run and do only three runs instead of four. But as the week wore on and temps didn't get any better, and then with the Pittsburgh Marathon training run I'd planned to go to Saturday canceled because of low temps, I thought, This will be the last time in 16 weeks that I'll be able to skip a run. Once training starts, skipping runs won't be an option. Yesterday I bought some insurance against skipping runs because of frigid weather:
I'm ready for you, Winter!

So it was a two-run, low-mileage week...though not without some guilt. I did meet my other fitness goals for the week and ran my first race of the year, so the week wasn't all bad.

Training starts tomorrow. Bring it!

Progress on Monthly Goals

Recap by Day

40 minutes lower body and core strength training
40 minutes yin yoga

Tempo run: 3 miles with 1 mile at 10:30 pace
This was our first snowfall of the year and my first run in the snow. I was pretty excited! It was really cold at 14 degrees, but I was bundled up approriately and felt cozy (though a used tissue in my pocket had frozen by the end of the run). It was tough running in the snow, and that 10:30-pace mile was really tough. Still, I enjoyed it and my tracks were some of the first on parts of the trail. I tried my new headlamp for the first time, but it was so bright out with the snow that I didn't need it. The headlamp stayed put and was comfortable, though.
Bundled up in Lulu:
First Base Tank, Race Your Pace Longsleeve, Speed Tights,
Beat the Sleet Pants, Neck Warmer, Spring Forward Jacket,
Run with Me Toque

25 minutes upper body strength training
10 minutes yoga

30 minutes plyometric cardio workout on the Bosu ball
1 plank
23 minutes core yoga from the Runner's World website

40 minutes lower body and core strength training
10 minutes gentle yoga

Rest day!
35 minutes Ashtanga yoga: sun salutations and standing sequence
1 plank

25 minutes upper body strength training
10 minutes Ashtanga yoga seated postures

Frigid Five Miler race: 5 miles + .75 mile jog after the race back to the car

When Amanda and I started making plans for a long run on Sunday, we realized that the Frigid Five Miler race would be going on in North Park, where we planned to run, so we decided to run the race. I had some moments of doubt and fear at the thought of it. I was afraid of finishing last if we ran at our slow pace, but I didn't feel prepared to race it. Amanda had a great idea to run it slightly faster, in the 10:50-11:10 range, which is my goal pace range. The course has rolling hills with a killer hill at the end, so I thought it would be good to practice my goal race pace on hills. It had warmed up to a balmy 17 degrees (yesterday it was 0!) though felt like 9 for the race. I'll post a recap later this week, but in summary: 1.) The hill at the end was CRAZY, 3.) Amanda is such an awesome running buddy, and 4.) The race overall was fun but kicked my butt!

After I got home I did my obligatory daily plank and 20 minutes of recovery yoga from the Runner's World website.

Happy running and working out this week!

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