Weekly Recap: December 29 - January 4

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed the New Year's festivities. I've loved reading everyone's posts reflecting back on 2014 and looking ahead to 2015. It's such an exciting time of year!

This past week was just okay workout-wise but really tough food-wise. I made so much food for New Year's that I had so many leftovers to tempt me. But I've been tracking my Weight Watchers points, which definitely helps keep me on track. I also completed the main task I wanted to do this holiday break: clean out and organize my bedroom closet and drawers and deep clean my bedroom. It looks and feels awesome. I hope Goodwill is ready for the many bags I'll be bringing!

This upcoming week will be my last off week before training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon starts on January 12. I am so excited to start training! I'm really happy with my training plan, which I'll be posting here soon.

Update on Monthly Goals

Recap by Day

40 minutes plyometrics & strength training

1-mile run with the dog
I had a planned speed workout, but the morning got away from me. It's nice to have time off work, but it's also nice to have a routine and follow a schedule. By the time I was ready to run it was the afternoon and time to take the dog for his walk, so I decided to run with him. He is getting better! He knows the command "Let's run!" and is getting better with not stopping, sniffing, and peeing. He also seems to really like it and got excited at the end and wanted to play.

Evening: 40 minutes yin yoga

30 minutes plyometric cardio workout on the Bosu ball

Easy run: 5 miles, 57:56, 11:34 pace
New Year's Day was cold but sunny. I waited until it warmed up (and my belly was full of delicious biscuits and gravy) before heading out. It was still pretty cold and really windy, but it was one of those runs that made me feel grateful to be alive, to be outside when I normally wouldn't be, and to be present and just enjoying the sunny first day of the new year.
New Year's Day selfie!

Evening: 10 minutes yoga, 1 plank

40 minutes lower body and core strength training (four planks included) followed by 10 minutes yoga

20 minutes upper body strength training, 1 plank
25 minutes Essential Yoga for Runners from the Runner's World website
Pace run: 3 miles, 32:26, 10:47 pace

I had planned to go to the Pittsburgh Marathon kickoff training run, but icy rain in the morning made the roads and sidewalks treacherous. Django and I couldn't even walk on the sidewalks when I took him for his walk, so I had to walk him in a grassy field near me instead of on sidewalks. I was still planning to go to the run since I could walk there, but then I realized if I couldn't walk on the sidewalks because of the ice, it might not be safe to run. I waited a few hours, got my strength training and yoga in, then headed out when it had warmed up and the ice was mostly gone--there were still a few slick, slushy spots. It rained the whole time, but I was in my rain gear so it really wasn't too bad. I started out a little too fast in the first mile but got it under control in the next two miles.

Long run: 6 miles, 1:12, 11:58 pace
I met Amanda on the river trail near me, and we headed towards Lawrenceville for some hills. We crossed the 40th Street Bridge then climbed the steep, long hill at 40th Street. Tough! Then we went down and up two more hills on the side streets between Penn Avenue and Butler Street, making for a pretty good workout. We continued down Penn then back across the 31st Street Bridge. It was a tough but good workout. It was also crazy warm--55 when I went out. Rain was threatening, so I wore my lightweight Brooks running shell but took it off at the beginning of the run and ran in a tank top for most of the run. After we were finished, we ran into Steff from Run Steff Run! She was doing 14 miles but stopped to chat with us before continuing on. It's always nice to see people in person instead of just online!

After the run I did the Recovery Yoga for Runners video from the Runner's World website and my obligatory plank for the day.

Have a great week running and working out!

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