Review: Asics GT 2000 3

When I first started running, I went to a local running store, Elite Runners and Walkers, to get fitted for shoes. When you go to Elite, they watch you walk, learn your running goals, and then pick three options for you. I ended up with the Brooks Adrenaline 12, which didn't work great for me because they made the bottoms of my feet hurt. I went back and told them about that problem, and they set me up with the Asics GT 2000, which I've been wearing ever since. I've worn the GT 2000, GT 2000 2, and now the GT 2000 3. Asics had a 30% off sale for Cyber Monday last year, so I picked up the GT 2000 3 and the trail version at a great price. I was also delighted that they had a black color choice in both, since I love black shoes because they go with most of my clothes.

Asics GT 2000 3; trail version is on right
The trail version has grippy protrusions on the bottom, while the regular version is smooth.

The Asics GT 2000 3 got great reviews from both Runner's World and Women's Running magazines.

I have worn both just a few times, but I immediately noticed three things.

1. The mesh is different. It's lighter and/or more breathable, but in winter that's not good. I have never had a problem with cold feet in my old Asics, but I immediately noticed cold air coming through my shoes the first time I wore them. My toes freeze when I wear my regular socks! I ordered cold weather running socks, but until I get them I've been wearing a thin running sock as a liner. I don't have a problem with sweaty or hot feet, so I do NOT like this change. The website Sole Review confirms the mesh has changed.

2. It is much more cushiony. All reviews noted that Asics added more cushioning, and you can immediately tell the difference. It feels wonderful...BUT, Sole Review thinks that all the cushioning may affect stability: "Once you switch between the current and previous version of GT-2000, the increase in softness is instantly noticeable. More pronounced in rearfoot, where the softer foam, more Gel and crash pad splay play together to deliver cushioning. And one can’t help thinking what cost might this have on stability. The new GT-2000 3 definitely loses some of that stable feeling which was a part of GT-2000 2, as the midsole gets depleted of firmness." This doesn't seem to be a good thing. I had no problems with the Asics GT 2000, but did get mild plantar fasciitis once with the GT 2000 2 (well, twice but the second time was a result of hiking in a very old model of the shoe). I am definitely concerned about having problems if this version is not as stable.

3. The forefoot feels more narrow. None of the reviews say that the width in the forefoot has changed, but it seems more narrow than older versions. I have wide feet but I buy regular width because the shoes tend to stretch out. I'm not sure if the narrow feel is because I haven't worn them much yet, but my toes definitely feel crammed in. Maybe that's how all my Asics have been and I just don't remember? I really hope they stretch out.

Even though this upgrade gets great reviews, time will tell whether the changes work for me.

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