Five Favorite 2014 Lululemon Picks

Inspired by the ladies at Our Daily Lemon, I've been thinking of my favorite Lululemon things from last year. I loved so many colors--Purple Fog, Bumble Berry, Bordeaux Drama, Antidote, and pretty much all the greys were some of my favorites, with Creamsicle Pop, Ultra Violet, and Bali Breeze coming in a close second. I added some great colors in styles I already have and discovered some new styles too. It's been hard to pare down my favorites to just five--I've been trying all month! But here they are if I have to pick just five.

1. Flow to Om Bag
I park away from my office and need to carry my lunch, dress shoes, umbrella, notebooks, files, and laptop to work on my 10-minute walk, so I need a big, sturdy bag. The Flow to Om Bag functions perfectly, with a large zippered pocket on the outside where I can stash my keys, work ID, and pens and two exterior pockets to hold my sunglasses and cell phone. The inside is large enough to hold everything, and there are multiple interior pockets. On days when I work out at lunch, the mesh interior pocket lets my sweaty clothes breathe and dry. I've also used this bag for travel. It makes a great carry-on bag. I've used this bag almost daily since I got it last summer, and there is no visible wear and tear on the synthetic (vegan!) material. I got it in a black, and my only regret is that I didn't get a second in another color. I hope Lulu releases it again this year.

2. Runner Up Tank
This was my favorite running tank last summer. It's light as air and was perfect for the hottest days, and the ruching details on the back make it special. Lululemon unfortunately ruined many of the color options by putting stupid words on the front. Like other Lulu fans, I wondered who would want a tank that says "Runner Up"?! I hope that Lulu offers it again next summer in wordless styles and good colors. I only have it in Aquamarine, a color I don't totally love.

3. Pace Rival Skirt
I primarily run in skirts in summer, but I don't like Lulu's ruffly-butt Pacesetter Skirt, their main skirt option. It was love at first try-on with the Pace Rival Skirt, though. It's flouncy and cute enough to wear for casual wear, and I loved feeling a little dressed up when I went running! I got the tall length, which is actually the shortest running skirt I have. I hope Lulu releases it in other colors this year. I just have it in black.
Last summer wearing Runner Up Tank & Pace Rival Skirt

4. Dance Studio Jacket
If you have a curvy figure with a small waist and bigger hips, you need to buy this jacket! It is super flattering to curvy figures and has so many great features: a rain-resistant outer, a hood, deep pockets, and a reversible design. I bought my first one in the pretty greenish-grey Earl Grey color and wore it so much that I was able to justify buying a second in Bumble Berry. I wear them everywhere, as both a light jacket and a base layer when it's colder.
Wearing Earl Grey Dance Studio Jacket
Wearing Bumble Berry Dance Studio Jacket

5. Race Your Pace Long Sleeve
I love Lulu's Rulu fabric because it's buttery soft, warm, and wicking, so I can wear the tops running or just when I want to be warm and cozy. Most Rulu tops have some sort of running details--mesh under the arms, large pockets, etc., which of course makes sense for running. The details in the Race Your Pace are so subtle--a hidden pocket in the waistband, reflective fabric at the wrists--that I wear these tops (I have two) constantly for both running and casual wear.
Wearing Wee Stripe Black Race Your Pace Long Sleeve on a run
with Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights
Wearing the same top with jeans out for a casual dinner
Are you a Lulu fan? What were your Lulu favorites from last year? 

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