Weekly Recap: December 22 - 28

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas enjoyed the holiday and that everyone had a good week and weekend and enjoyed the absolutely fantastic weather (assuming you had absolutely fantastic weather). Pittsburgh's weather was crazy nice, with temps getting up to 60 degrees on Christmas Eve. I've been off work since Tuesday afternoon, but the days have gone by very quickly. I'm off this week too but have approximately 1 million things I want to do, so I'm sure it will be a really busy week.

This past week was a great running week, but everything else took a back seat. I did not do yoga once! I cannot remember the last time I didn't do any yoga in the week. I also did only one full strength training session, though did get a mini in. And I did do two plyometrics workouts. I need to get back to yoga this upcoming week!

My total mileage for the week was 20.3. Here's how the week went down.

40 minutes plyometrics & strength training

Speedwork: 2.8 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill
I think I've run on a treadmill three times in my life, and those times were in the polar vortex last winter. But I wanted to try the treadmill again to get a feel for a 9:30 pace (my goal 5K pace). It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and ended up being a pretty good workout. I ran .5-mile, .75-mile, and .6-mile intervals at 9:30 pace with a .25-mile recovery. I couldn't get an even 3 miles because the gym I use is at a university, and the treadmills automatically stop at 30 minutes. A 9:30 pace felt much easier than it feels when I run outside, but only to .75 miles, and then it started feeling tough. Next time I want to try to run 1-mile repeats to push myself a bit.

30 minutes plyometric cardio workout on the Bosu ball followed by 15 minutes arms strength training

Christmas and rest day!

I got a few running-related gifts that I love. Two were books. The first is What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, a running-centered memoir by novelist Haruki Murakami. Murakami is one of my favorite writers and is a serious runner, so I was thrilled to get this book. I started reading it on Christmas morning and have had a hard time putting it down! I also got the famous novel Once a Runner by John L. Parker Jr. and a headlamp to wear on dark morning runs. Did you get any running-related gifts?
Pace run: 3.5 miles in 38:26, 10:58 pace
I planned for this to be an easy run, and the first mile felt tough at an 11:26 pace. It was 37 degrees but with the sun felt much warmer. The sun must have burned off my sluggishness because I started feeling great and sped up (mile 2: 10:52, mile 3: 10:32, last .5-mile: 11:11). I'll take it!

Long run: 10 miles in 1:58, 11:49 pace
I met Amanda at North Park for two loops around the lake. It was a tough run for me. Near the end of the first five-mile loop, I was silently wondering whether I could really do another five-mile loop. But I didn't say anything, and we continued on. I did have to make a pitstop at a bathroom (possibly the first time that's ever happened on a long run), and at one point I looked down at my Garmin and saw I was running a 12:00+ pace and still felt like I was struggling. I was carrying a handheld filled with Nuun and ate a carbolicious burrito the night before, so I don't think it had anything to do with fueling. I guess it was just one of the those days. The temp was 42 but felt much colder, and the sun came out once for just a few minutes. But it was warm enough that I was able to carry my handheld without my fingers freezing. While the run was a bit of a struggle, it was fun catching up with Amanda and, as usual, the miles flew by. I'm positive that if I were by myself I wouldn't have been able to finish all 10 miles. This will be my last long run in the double digits until I start my training in mid-January.
My hair is all crazy & clothes disheveled post-run, but I'm wearing Lululemon
Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights, Black Wee Stripe Race
Your Pace Long Sleeve, Ear Warmer
and Athleta White Extra Long Chi Tank

Recovery Run: 4 miles in 45:52, 11:27 pace
It was 37, cold, misty, and gloomy, but I felt great! It was a relaxing run on the river trail past the stadiums and casino and back. I felt really warm during my run, but the walk back to my house from the trail in sweaty clothes was a killer.

Enjoy this last week of 2014!

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