Weekly Recap: December 1 - 7

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a good weekend. It was a weekend of contrasts here in Pittsburgh--gloomy and continuously raining on Saturday and bright and sunny on Sunday.

This week I met all my goals, but I realize I haven't actually posted what those goals are, so here they are.

Off-Season Goals

I trained for races almost nonstop from January through mid-October this year, and at first I thought it was crazy to scale back in an off-season after I ran my goal race. Would I lose all the fitness I built this year? But Coach Jenny convinced me that I need an off-season. When you think that all professional athletes need off-seasons, it's a little crazy to think that we regular runners don't. Even though I'm taking an off-season until training starts for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on January 12, I still have fitness goals I want to work toward. I hope to start training next year with a really strong level of fitness.

Weekly Recap

Weekly mileage was 12.

Morning: 35 minutes plyometrics strength training

Evening: 60 minutes yin yoga

Morning: Interval workout, 4 miles in 45:45
I set out to run 4 .25-mile intervals at a 9:20-9:30 pace. But because it was dark and I couldn't see my watch, I just ran what felt like fast for the intervals. They worked out to 9:21, 9:07, 9:11, and 9:38. It was a really good, tough workout, and I ended it drenched in sweat despite the 26-feels-like-21 degrees.

Evening: 23 minutes Core Yoga from Runner's World

Morning: 30 minute plyometric cardio workout on the Bosu ball

Morning: Easy run, 3.03 miles in 35:33
It was 28 degrees and felt great. Have I said before how much I love running in cold weather? :)

Evening: 20 minutes strength training with focus on legs and glutes

Rest day!
Morning: 40 minutes Ashtanga yoga (sun salutations, standing sequence, and a few seated postures)

Morning: 45 minutes plyometrics strength training

Yes, I love running in the cold, but running in the rain is a different story. I can deal with it except for the squishy socks and wet shoes. So when it rained the whole day, I decided to do strength training instead of running.

Morning: Long run with hills, 5 miles in 58:31

Today was gorgeous and perfect for running: 32 degrees and sunny. The run, however, was HARD. I ran on the trail to the 31st Street Bridge, across to the Strip District, and then up Polish Hill. This hill is a long hill that is extremely steep in places, and it about killed me. At points, it felt I was running nearly vertically. But I ran (slowly) the whole hill except for a spot where I had to walk to squeeze past a car parked on the sidewalk. My original route called for running back down that hill and up another, but I was spent after that first hill. I did, however, manage to run a negative split and run the last mile at half marathon pace. Yes! Splits were 11:47, 11:38, 12:27 (the hill), 11:33, and 11:07.
Lululemon Heathered Coal Speed Tights, Coco Pique Ear Warmer & LS Swiftly
Athleta White Plush Tech Hoodie

There are no cute greyhound pictures because I spend the afternoon baking vegan Christmas cookies (Peppermint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows!) while my husband took Django on a walk.

Have a great week running and working out!

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