New Year's Menu + Exciting News!

Happy New Year's Eve! I love New Year's. Every year I plan a party and make yummy appetizers, but the "party" is just my husband and me. It's always a lot of fun. This year my menu is from the Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings cookbook. I have been a recipe tester for several Happy Herbivore cookbooks, including this one. Lindsay's plant-based recipes are very healthy (most with no added fats), light (very low WeightWatchers points), easy to prepare with few ingredients, and taste delicious. I make her recipes all the time. Here are my menus for today and tomorrow.

New Year's Eve Menu

New Year's Day Menu

I'll post photos and a review of how they came out later this week.

Yesterday Django and I did a one-mile run. It was 29 degrees but really sunny so felt nice out. He is getting better! He definitely knows "let's run" and is getting better about running non-stop without stopping, sniffing, and peeing. Just like with our last run, he got really excited at the end of our run. We had stopped and I was praising him on a job well done. I took off his coat because he was panting, and he proceeded to jump up, grab the coat, and play tug-of-war with it. Then he started running around in circles like a goofball. I think he gets excited when he runs!

Speaking of greyhounds, I have exciting news! Kristina from Kristina's Blog About Running & Life has adopted a greyhound! In some exchanges on a blog post about Django a month or ago, she said she loved greyhounds but couldn't have a dog because of allergies. I pointed out that greyhounds have little body fat (they are all muscle), and it's the fat that creates the oil and dander that most dogs have. Because greyhounds produce little oil and dander, they don't smell and shed like other dogs and can be good for people with allergies. Kristina visited a greyhound adoption group where there were a lot of greyhounds and found that her allergies weren't bad! She also met a big, sweet, handsome white greyhound and fell in love. She named him Duke, and he came to live with her Monday of this week. He is settling in very well, and the introduction with her cat has gone very smoothly. (Most greyhounds are good with cats, which you wouldn't think because they're trained to chase small animals. Maybe they're good with cats because they're so much like cats themselves!) Anyway, please stop over to Kristina's blog to congratulate her on the new runner in her family and to welcome Duke to his forever home!

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve!