Holiday Card Swap Part 1

I was excited to join the holiday card swap coordinated and hosted by Lacey and Meranda at Fairytales and Fitness. They secretly matched me and the other participants with two other bloggers: one to send a card to and the other to receive a card from, and they're not the same people. You are to browse the blog of the person who will receive your card, learn a little about who they are and what they like, and include something small in the card.

I hadn't previously visited the blog of the person I'm sending a card to, so it was really fun to explore her blog and learn about her. I ordered something I think she will like, but it took so long to come in that I haven't sent the card yet. I'll do that tomorrow and then will post about who it is later this week after she gets the card.

But yesterday I got my card from the swap! It was from Jessica at A Little More Each Day. I loved the card, and she included a gift card to Starbucks! Thanks so much, Jessica!

I've been reading Jessica's blog and found we have something in common: We are both Weight Watchers lifetime members! Jessica has lost more than 100 pounds through Weight Watchers and is maintaining that loss, which is such an amazing accomplishment. She is a new runner and took up running to help maintain her loss. I'm so happy to find another great blog to follow, and it's also nice to meet someone else who talks in terms of Points, ha ha!

I can't wait for my secret person to get her card and small gift this week!