Weekly Recap: October 27 - November 1

Happy November! This has been a very exciting weekend, with Amanda and I running the ZooZilla 5K yesterday and each getting huge PRs. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post my recap tomorrow.

Total mileage this week was 16.1. Here's how the week went.

(I'm going to try to take what-I-wore shots again. I mostly remembered this week.)

45 minutes plyometrics strength training
Lululemon Cool Racerback (old color--Concord Grape?)
Victoria's Secret Black Marl Knockout Crop

Speedwork: 3.75 miles with 4 5K-pace intervals (9:31, 9:28, 9:34, 9:46)
This was my first session of speedwork in a while, since I replaced speedwork with pace runs the last few weeks before the half marathon. It was 70 degrees out but I didn't mind since I knew it might be the last time I'd be wearing a tank top in quite some time. It felt good to be working on speed again, but unfortunately this short session inflamed my right heel a bit. It isn't bad and is very minor, but it took so much time to eliminate my heel pain completely, so I'm bummed that it's back (even though, like I said, it's not too bad).
Lorna Jane Nectarine Dash Excel Tank
Lululemon Creamsicle Pop Energy Bra
Athleta Asphalt Be Free Knicker

30 minutes plyometric cardio routine on the Bosu
This routine from one of my old fitness magazines is so old that it's no longer available online. But I have done this routine off and on over the years, and it's a good one. It's a 30-minute routine that alternates a minute or two of plyometric moves--jumping jacks, squat jumps, and over-the-top shuffles on a Bosu ball--with cardio (butt kicks, stepping on or running on the Bosu, etc.) I'm dripping with sweat when I'm done. Ever since I read how good plyometrics are for runners, I've been wanting to do more. This routine will be a good cross-training routine to add to my weekly workouts during my off-season.
Lululemon Purple Fog Energy Bra, White 105F Singlet,
Forest Green In the Flow Crops

Morning: Easy run, 4.01 miles, 47:01 minutes
It was only 39 degrees in the morning, so I bundled up. Funny that I wore a tank top two days before and gloves two days after.

Not pictured: Oiselle New Lesley Tights, Lululemon Power Purple Rulu Longsleeve Top

15 minutes strength training
I waited too long to start my workout and since it was so late, I didn't want to do it at all. But I forced myself to do 15 minutes. Better something than nothing!

Essential Yoga video from Runner's World

ZooZilla 5K! Watch for my recap tomorrow!
Lululemon Triplet Stripe Race Your Pace Longsleeve, Bangbuster
Deep Zinfandel Speed Tights
Athleta White Extra Long Chi Tank

Easy run: 5.25 miles in 1:01
It was very cold--just 34 degrees--but I overdressed. I ended up unzipping my half-zip and taking off my gloves, and I was still hot. I think I need to re-learn how to dress for cold-weather runs.

Athleta Half-Zip & Parkour Beanie
Lululemon White Swiftly Longsleeve &
Heathered Slate Speed Tights

Yesterday and today we took Django on walks to and through West Park in the Central Northside instead of driving somewhere to go on a hike. Django's favorite thing in the world (besides any type of food) is a big leaf pile. He has to sniff every inch of the leaves, pee in them, and then kick them everywhere. I feel bad that he makes a mess, but he enjoys it so much it's hard to stop him. 
Django refusing to look at the camera. He's good like that.
Wearing tons of layers on top that made me too hot &
Yogasmoga Violet Twilight Tippy Toe Leggings on bottom.
Caught in the middle of doing some commands. This was in between sits.
Django and his beloved leaf pile

Happy running and working out this week!

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