Weekly Recap: November 24-30

Happy Sunday and last day in November! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. Mine was great in that I accomplished what I wanted and have a clean house that looks and feels awesome. It took most of Friday through today and that was only deep cleaning the first floor and a few rooms on the second. I have accepted that my whole house will never be completely clean all at once. It's just too big and takes too much time to clean it. But most of it is clean, so I'm really happy. I'm also happy that we got to a enjoy temps in the 60s today!

As for workouts, that's another story. Between getting ready for Thanksgiving, spending the day with my family, and then cleaning the rest of the long weekend, I didn't make time for my usual workouts. I did only one session of strength training and yoga each. My weekly mileage was also low at 13.28.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine this week. Here's how last week went down.

45 minutes plyometrics strength training

Morning run: 3 miles in 34:40, easy effort
It was 40 degrees and not bad at all!

Morning: Essential Yoga for Runners from Runner's World

Turkey Trot: 3.16 miles in 31:10 (race recap)
Rest & cleaning

Run with Django: 1.61 miles in 18:29, easy effort
I didn't finish the cleaning I'd planned to do until later in the afternoon. It was close to when we'd usually take Django for a walk, so I decided to take him running with me. I want to train him to run longer distances with me. We did one mile of mostly continuous running, then I let him take a fairly long walk break. Unfortunately, he must have been done running and ran the rest of the time very reluctantly and with many walk breaks. Now I know: No walk breaks until we're done! It was 40 degrees when we went out and breezy but felt really good.
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Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights
Hilly run: 5.51 miles in 1:04, easy effort
It was 57 degrees when I went out to run in the morning! But it was windy, so I wore a featherweight long sleeve tee over a tank instead of just a tank. That worked well, and the wind was really great for keeping me from overheating. Amanda has gotten me excited to incorporate hills into my running. She believes that hills are speedwork in disguise, and I know they'll make me stronger plus help me build a good foundation for my hilly half marathons next year. So today I ran on the river trail to the 40th Street Bridge, across the bridge, up the very steep 40th Street hill, down Penn Avenue, back across the 31st Street Bridge, and back on the trail. I made it up 40th Street without stopping or walking, which was my goal. Honestly, it wasn't too bad. A few times I did feel myself just plodding along so made an effort to straighten my spine and pick up my feet, and I think that helped.
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All through the run, though, my legs felt really tight and heavy. I know it's from not doing much yoga during the week, so after my run I did the Recovery Yoga video from Runner's World. It felt amazing!

In the afternoon, we took Django for a walk in Schenley Park.
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Enjoy running and working out this week!

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