Weekly Recap: November 10 - 16

Happy Sunday! Everyone's been talking about the weather this week. It got pretty cold here in Pittsburgh, but we lucked out compared to some  other places. And we had our first snowfall of the season. I love running in cold weather, so I was pretty happy. Plus, I got to wear my cute cold weather running clothes, so that made me extra happy.

My routine was off again this week because I had to work this weekend and knew I wouldn't be able to run. I'm a project manager and had to go into the office as my team was doing a major software upgrade, which needed to be done in off-hours. Between Friday and Saturday, I worked 24 hours, and the team worked even more. But the team got so much done that I had to work only a few hours today and so was able to run in the morning after all. Huge bonus!

Total weekly mileage was 17.61. On to the recap!

Medium Pace Run: 5 miles in 56:08, 11:14 pace

This was the last warm day before the cold front hit. I had the day off and was able to run later in the morning in the daylight. It felt wonderful! It was 65 and sunny. I quickly took off my light longsleeve top and ran in my tank top. 
Lululemon Deep Zinfandel Speed Tights, black lightweight long sleeve, Bangbuster
Athleta Cobblestone Grey Extra Long Chi Tank
Morning: Core Yoga from Runner's World

Evening: 45 minutes plyometrics strength training

Easy Run: 3.21 miles in 36:42, easy effort

I ran before work when it was cool but not frigid (upper 30s), and it felt wonderful. It was one of those runs where I loved being outside before the city woke up and where I kept thinking how much I love running. Plus, it is now light enough at the end of my run that I can run on the trail instead of the road; in the past month the trail was pitch black and too dark to run on without a light, which I don't have.
Lululemon Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights,
Wee Stripe Black Race Your Pace Long Sleeve,
Coco Pique Ear Warmer
Athleta Extra Long Black Chi Tank

Morning: Essential Yoga for Runners from Runner's World

Tempo Run: 3.4 miles in 37:09, easy-hard effort
Since I was working from home, I ran at lunch instead of early in the morning. It wasn't any warmer but I could at least see my watch. It was 32 degrees and there was some sort of frozen precipitation, but it wasn't exactly snow. I sandwiched 1.4 miles at a 9:45 pace in between two easy miles. The pace was really tough for me, but I kept pushing. Later that day it did start snowing, our first snowfall of the season, and I was bummed I missed running in it. I ran in the last snowfall of last season and had hoped to run in the first snowfall of this winter. I even thought about heading back out for a second run. But, I told myself that there will be many more opportunities to run in the snow.
Lululemon Cranberry/Boom Juice Think Fast Pullover & Black Ear Warmer
Oiselle Lesley Tights

40 minutes plyometrics strength training
This routine, which combines tough plyometrics with strength moves, is really tough. I dread it every time I have to do it, but I always feel great when I finish.

Rest day

Run: 6 miles in 1:10, easy effort

My weather app said it was 31 degrees and felt like 27 when I went out for my run, but it didn't feel bad at all. It was perfect running weather for me--cold but not freezing, no wind, and no bright sun. I was pretty cozy and really enjoyed the run. I wanted to do some hill work so ran back and forth across the 6th, 7th, and 9th Street Bridges twice, for a total of 12 bridge climbs. I ran a bit on the Northside river trail, but the Fallen Hero 5K was going to be starting so I didn't spend long on the trail. It must have been a small race because there were about 10 spectators at the finish line. From the bridges I saw the winner approaching the finish line with no other runner in sight until some time later.

All Lululemon: Heathered Slate Speed Tights,
White Swiftly Long Sleeve, Black Full Tilt Long Sleeve,
Black Neck Warmer, Coco Pique Ear Warmer, Black Gloves

With being out of town last weekend and working this weekend, my routine was off. This week I'm so happy I'll be able to get back into my regular routine. 

Happy running and working out this week!

I'll leave you with a picture of Django sleeping on his bed. Yes, his belly is bald!

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