Review: The Standout Sports Bra by Victoria's Secret

I have a few reviews to post today and will have a Fabletics review next week. I got both Fabletics outfits I ordered and love them but want to wait to take pictures over the weekend when the light is better. I should also add that when I post fitness clothes reviews, I am not benefiting in any way. I am not getting paid or being asked to post a review. If that changes, I will post a disclaimer.

The first item to review is the Standout Sports Bra by Victoria's Secret. This is a little late in coming since I would wear a racerback bra mainly in summer under tanks. I don't have as much problem finding a good running bra in a basic style as I do in a racerback. I'm happy to report the Standout Bra is great for running!
It is wireless with thick, soft, supportive gel cups. The straps in the back are adjustable and made with a soft, almost velvet-like fabric. It is very high coverage (see photo below), lifts you, and really holds you in.

It is very tight fitting in my regular bra size, but I did not find it uncomfortable and have worn it for both long runs and speed work. Because it's so tight, it does create more back fat than in any of my other bras. But it is extremely supportive--the girls will not move in this!

It comes in a lot of different colors (I have black and blueberry marl, which is no longer offered). And, of course, Victoria's Secret is always having a sale. It retails for $49.50-59.50 depending on color, but I got both of mine for about $35 on sale.

I think this is my favorite maximum-support racerback bra for running. I also love Lululemon's Energy Bra, which is medium-support, for short, easy runs.

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