Considering the Galloway Training Program

Before the Steel City Road Runners group run this past Saturday, two SCRR members spoke about the Galloway training program. They both completed several marathons using the program. The one member said she had previously been plagued with injuries but has been injury-free since training with the Galloway program. She said she also has much less fatigue and doesn't need a ton of time for recovery after long runs. Even on 20-mile runs, she is still able to be up and about the rest of the day. Then she said something I thought was very interesting. She has gotten faster! In the Galloway program, you test your fitness during and throughout the program by timing a one-mile run. She has improved her speed by a full minute--which is huge for one mile.

I talked to her after the group run to learn more. I told her that since I'm trying to improve my speed, I'm worried that the Galloway program would slow me down. Not necessarily, she said. She pointed out that one of the SCRR coaches just got a marathon PR of sub-3:00 by using the Galloway program (the coach consulted directly with Jeff Galloway on his training plan).

She also said that you do not have to do every run using run-walk intervals. If you want, you can only use the intervals for the long run and the race. 

After hearing all this, I was very intrigued. I recently debated about running my first full marathon and decided to wait until 2016. I would definitely consider doing the Galloway program for the full marathon, as that would help to alleviate some of my concerns (risk of injury, recovery time, feeling fatigue and possibly not finishing from running slowly and being out so long on the course).

I have a year to think about it, but now I'm wondering whether I should try the Galloway program for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon next spring to get a feel for the program before I commit to doing the program for the full marathon in 2016. Here are the pros and cons.


SCRR will be starting its Galloway half marathon training in January, so I have some time to think about it. Any advice? Also, is it okay to do the Galloway program for marathon training and stick with regular running for other races?