BCHM Training: Week 10

This was a good week, with a few firsts.

On to the recap. I forgot to take pics of my running outfits. It's too dark in the mornings to take pictures, and it's hard to remember to take them later on. But I basically wore capris and lightweight longsleeve tops all week.

40 minutes Iron Strength
60 minutes Yin Yoga, spine series
Lululemon White/Grey Wee Stripe Cool Racerback
Yogasmoga Klarit Red Run Jump 'n' Play Crop
Medium pace run: 5 miles, 55:39, 11:07 pace
This was slightly faster than the medium pace of 11:15-11:30 that I was supposed to do.

Recovery run: 3 miles
This was supposed to be a pace run, but my Garmin was dead when I took it off the charger. It wouldn't turn on or take a charge. I know what a 3-mile route is, so I did a recovery run. I was able to reset my Garmin using instructions I found online. Whew!

Evening: Essential Yoga video from Runner's World
Athleta White Illuminate Tank
Fabletics Mulberry Lima Capri
Pace run: 4.5 miles, 49:17 pace, 10:57 pace
My average worked out to be my target race pace, but I was inconsistent and ran the first part faster and second part slower.

Evening:   40 minutes Iron Strength
Fabletics Inkwell/Mulberry Tank
Fabletics Mulberry Lima Capri
Yes, I wore the capris two days in a row. I love them!
Rest day! Did the Core Yoga video from Runner's World.

Pace run: 5 miles, 54:52, 10:58 pace
I joined the Steel City Road Runners since they were running at the trail near my house. Once again, I had a great experience, with everyone very welcoming and friendly. I ended up running with two women who will be running Buffalo Creek, so it will be nice to see people I know at the race. I ran with a third woman who is doing the Runner's World hat trick (5K, 10K, and half marathon). It is very interesting to meet other runners and learn about how they run and train. One of the ladies I ran with said she never trains for races. Instead, a few weeks before a big race, she starts doing long runs. Good for her--I couldn't do that! It was also interesting that when I asked one of the women what pace she planned to run Buffalo Creek, she answered, "I don't know. Whatever I feel like that day. Maybe between 11:00 and 11:30." Both of these responses are so completely different from how I run (diligently follow a training plan and have a very specific time goal) that I was fascinated. Anyway, even though I was chatting the entire run, I had no problem nailing my race pace, and it was pretty consistent too: 1: 10:49, 2: 11:07, 3: 11:05, 4: 11:00, 5: 10:54. It was a pretty cold morning, and after the run I hung around and talked to one of the members who is a strong advocate for the Galloway program. I'll write a separate post about that topic, because it was really interesting. I spent so much time chatting after the run that I started to absolutely freeze in my sweaty clothes. It was a very cold walk home!

Lululemon rulu longsleeve (old, don't remember what it is)
Lululemon Pretty Purple Bangbuster
Athleta White Extra Long Chi Tank & Asphalt Relay Capri
On weekend afternoons, we pretty much always take the dog on a walk somewhere. But I was so tired after this run that I took a nap...and slept for 2.5 hours! I guess my body really needed the rest.

Long run: 11 miles, 2:11, 11:59 pace
Amanda and I had planned to run together again, but she was not feeling well and wasn't able to. I was not looking forward to doing this run on my own, but it was fine! The rest from the day before must have really helped, because I woke up refreshed and looking forward to running. I ran on the Northside river trail and added bridges at the beginning and end of the run. I had no problems at all. It didn't even feel tedious like long solo runs can sometimes feel. I was able to pick the pace up at the end and easily ran the last mile at race pace. It was another very cold run, with temps in the low 40s when I went. I also practiced my race day outfit. I recently bought a new running top from Athleta and tried that out. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as it kept riding up and I kept having to pull it down the entire run. So annoying. I will be returning the top (thank goodness for Athleta's awsome return policy!) This was the first time I got to wear my new Lululemon Speed Tights in Bordeaux Drama. Love the color so much. These Speed Tights have mesh in the back leg, but I wasn't cold in them. As with all my other Speed Tights, they are awesome. I'll be wearing these tights for the race but still have to decide on a top.
Lululemon Soot Cool Racerback, Medium Grey Bangbuster &
Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights
Athleta White Tracker Top

After the run I did the Recovery Yoga video from Runner's World. In the afternoon we took Django on a walk in West Park on the Northside.
Lululemon Cadet Blue Heathered Swiftly & High Times Crops
Bumble Berry Dance Studio Jacket

This will be my last high-mileage week, ending in a 12-mile run next Sunday. Then I'll have a taper week...and then the race! Two weeks to go!

Happy running and working out this week!

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