BCHM Training: Week 6

I'm halfway through training for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon, which means the race is just six weeks away! Up until now, I've completed all my planned runs. Next week I plan to skip runs because I'll be on vacation in Colorado and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to run a.) in high altitude and b.) in addition to long hikes in the mountains. My A goal is to run three times, and my B goal is to run at least once. At least I'll still be very active with all the hiking we have planned.

In Pittsburgh news this week, a guy tried to pull down a runner's shorts while she was running on the trail where I typically run. Yes, really! In all my worrying about things or people jumping out and getting me while running on the trail in the dark, never had I imagined someone would run up behind me and pull down my pants. But the story gets better! The runner turned out to be a Deputy U.S. Marshall. She chased after him, gave him a good licking, and got him arrested. Full story here.

This week I also tried out a fantastic new running bra: The Standout by Victoria's Secret. I'll review it when I return from vacation (as well as my next Fabletics order, which should arrive next week), but I give this bra a huge thumbs up.

Here's how this week went. My weekly mileage was 16.72, my lowest mileage yet for this training plan (week 1 was 17.34).

Morning: 40 minutes Iron Strength workout
Plyo squat jumps!
Athleta Extra Long Amalfi Blue Chi Tank
Lululemon Forest Green In the Flow Crops & White Energy Bra
Evening: 50 minutes yin yoga, hip series

Morning: 47:17, 4.1 miles (in honor of my 41st birthday), 11:31 pace
Holy humidity! Since I had the day off, I slept in a bit and took the dog for his walk before my run, so I didn't head out until about 7 a.m. (yes, that's late for me!) It was 73 degrees and very, very humid. I was dying! This was supposed to be a medium pace run between 11:15-11:30, but I slowed down because of the humidity.
Oiselle White Hail Mary Mesh Tank
Athleta Aloha Yellow Fly By Skort
Lululemon Aquamarine Bangbuster

Morning: 40:02, 3.42 miles
Tempo run! I didn't do a great job of hitting my paces. I should have hit a 10:15-10:00-10:15 sequence but instead I did 10:18-10:16-10:03, plus warm-up and cool-down jogs. I love that when I try to do a negative split I can't, and when I try to do a tempo run I do a negative split. Oh well. As always, nailing paces is a work in progress. While I didn't hit the paces I wanted to, it felt like a pretty hard workout so was a good run. Oh, and it was cooler out--66 degrees.
Lululemon Heathered Charcoal All Sport Bra,
Black Pace Rival Skirt & Mesh Bangbuster
Lorna Jane Nectarine Excel Dash Tank
 Evening: Essential Yoga video from Runner's World
Athleta Red Illuminate Tank
Zella Black Live In Crops
Lululemon Black Flow Y Bra
Morning: 34:33, 3 miles, 11:31 pace
This recovery run felt great after Wednesday's hard workout. Temp was 65, so not bad.
Lululemon Very Light Flare Cool Racerback & Bangbuster
Victoria's Secret Blueberry Twist The Standout Sport Bra
Athleta Midnight Blue Relay Skort
Morning: 1:14, 6.2 miles, 11:59 pace
Friday is normally my rest day, but I wanted to do this weekend's long run before I go on vacation so did it today. It was a step-back week for my long run, so I only had to do a 10K--only because I didn't think it would be a big deal. But it kicked my butt. This run was the farthest distance I've ever run before work (a little after 5 a.m. and without having eating breakfast), plus it was my fourth consecutive day of running, plus it was 73 and humid. I did take a Clif Shot energy gel with caffeine before I went, and I always carry a handheld water bottle when it's hot, even on shorter runs, so I didn't have a problem with feeling depleted. I was just surprised how tough it was, as evidenced by running at the tail end of my pace range.

In addition, I had to run farther on the trail than I usually do and had no choice but to run in total darkness. I really had to stop myself from focusing on the thought, Anyone can jump out and murder me right now and no one would see or hear. Last year a local running shoe store offered a class on self-defense for runners. I really want to take that class if it's offered again.

Feeling beat and not able to muster a smile.
Athleta Aquarmine Runner Up Tank & Mesh Bangbuster
Athleta Fiji Green Fair Isle Skort

This is how I really felt!

I am beyond excited for my vacation next week! Best of luck to everyone in races and training runs over the next week. I look forward to catching up with everyone when I get back.

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