BCHM Training: Week 3

Third week of Buffalo Creek Half Marathon training is done! This was a step-back week and one in which the Hal Higdon plan suggests a race, though it's not a necessity. It might be hard to believe, but I could not find a 5K race this weekend--at least, one close enough to me. So I did a pace run in place of a rest day and a 3-mile run in place of the 5K.

Total mileage for the week: 17:12

Lunch: 30 minutes using the weight machines at the gym
Lululemon Med Grey Mudra Tank & Bruised Berry Wunder Unders
Lorna Jane Rhianan Sports Bra
Evening: 60 minutes yin yoga, spine series | 10 minutes abs and push-ups
Lululemon Clear Mint Cool Racerback, White Energy Bra &
Forest Green In the Flow Crops
Morning: Medium run | 3.96 miles (was supposed to be 3 but my GPS didn't pick up satellites and then I obviously didn't do the math right!) 45:07; 11:23 pace

It was raining and the entire radar map was green. Oh well, what are you going to do but put on a rain jacket and head out! 
Lululemon Black Pace Rival Skirt
Brooks LSD Rain Jacket

Evening: Essential Yoga video from Runner's World | 7 minutes abs

Lululemon Med Grey Mudra Tank, White Energy Bra &
Forest Green In the Flow Crops
Morning: Speed workout! 6 X .25-mile intervals; 4 miles; 45:33

My 5K pace I was targeting was 9:30-9:40. I am still having trouble hitting that pace. As my laps show, I was too fast at the beginning and too slow at the end (story of my running life).
Laps: 1: 9:19 2: 9:20 3: 9:11 4: 9:09 5: 10:05 6: 10:00
Athleta Amalfi Blue Extra Long Chi Tank &
Aloha Yellow Fly By Skort
Evening: 10 minutes abs & push-ups
Lululemon White Energy Bra & Paris Perfection Cool Racerback
VSX Black Marl Knockout Crop
Morning: Easy run | 3 miles; 34:41; 11:32 pace
Race Tee
Lululemon Very Light Flare Bangbuster
Athleta Black Relay Skort
Evening: 45 minutes full body strength training, abs, push-ups
Fabletics Norwalk Tank
Athlete Granite Grey Be Free Knicker
Friday: Rest day
Morning: Core yoga for runners
Lululemon Clear Mint Cool Racerback & Mesh Bangbuster
Athleta Grey Chat Capris

Morning: Pace run | 3.15 miles; 33:46; 10:43 pace
Mile 1: 10:54 Mile 2: 10:40 Mile 3: 10:42 .15: 10:14

My goal race pace is 11:00 so I was trying to hit a 10:50-11:10 range. After I hit it the first mile, I thought I had it and went at the pace my body seemed to be comfortable. I must have been running at a much faster pace than I thought last week, because I realized my goal race pace is slower than my body thought. It wasn't a super easy pace, but I was definitely comfortable. When I noticed it was a bit too fast in the second mile, I tried to slow down but my body said, "No thanks. This is the pace I want to run today!" and I could not slow down a little. But I came close. I'll get it eventually!

Lululemon Very Light Flare Cool Racerback & Bangbuster
Lululemon Creamsicle Pop Energy Bra
Athleta Midnight Blue Relay Skort
After the run I did the Recovery Yoga video from Runner's World and totally forgot to do my abs workout. Oops!

Because the afternoon was supposed to be cool (it actually got warmer than predicted), we took Django to Linn Run State Park in the Laurel Highlands. We met up with Django's greyhound buddies, so it was a fun little hike through the woods and in the water.
I cut off my head because I had a really wacky expression but wearing Lululemon Cadet Static
Wave (I think) Cool Racerbrack & Bruised Berry Wunder Under Crops.
Django explores the water.
What a handsome group of boys!
From left: Django, Truman, and Henry

Sunday: Easy run | 3.01 miles; 34:46; 11:34 pace
I realized I haven't been running any hills recently, so I went across the 31st Street Bridge and back for two long, gradual inclines.
Lululemon Jeweled Magenta Swiftly Tank & Mesh Bangbuster
Lululemon Black Pace Rival Skirt

I was away all day today at a family party so haven't been able to do my abs and push-up...and now it's almost time to go to bed. Gah! I'll get back to my abs and push-ups tomorrow.

Happy running and working out this week!

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