BCHM Training: Week 1

Congrats to everyone who did the Pittsburgh Triathlon today! There was a thunderstorm during the time many people were running the 10K (I was out in it too), so I give them extra kudos.

This week was the first week of training for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon. It wasn't any different from my usual routine, but this week was special because I got a huge confidence builder from the GNC Liberty Mile race on Friday. I've you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm a slow runner who's trying to not only get faster but also to improve my mental attitude and not feel so down on myself for not running fast. Not only did I pull off an 8:12 mile in the race when I never imagined I'd be able to run a mile that fast, but, percentage-wise, I also did better in my age group than my super fast husband did in his! WOOOT!

My throat still hurts from that agonizing run, but it might have been worth it to bask in this glory. :-)

On to the recap. It was nice and cool every day this week until Friday--pure bliss! Total mileage was 17.34.

Monday was a strength and stretching day, and I added cross-training in.

Morning: 34-minute bike ride on the river trail with seated and standing hill climbs and interval sprints.
2013 Buffalo Creek Half Marathon race tee!
New black Zella Crops I got in the Nordstrom anniversary sale for $30!

Lunch: 30 minutes upper body and lower body weight machines at the gym.
Lululemon Ultra Violet Cool Racerback & White Energy Bra;
Athleta Asphalt Chat Capris
It was very chilly at lunch, so I wore my Athleta white Shiva top to and fro.

Evening: 60 minutes Yin Yoga, spine series
Black Zella Crops; Lululemon Heathered Plum Karma Longsleeve
Morning: Easy run for 3.18 miles in 35:49
Happy to be wearing long sleeves!
Athleta Sour Apple Malibu Hike Half Zip & Asphalt Relay Capris

Evening: 10-minute abs workout
Athleta Aloha Yellow Chi Top & Asphalt Chat Capris;
Lululemon Ultra Violet Cool Racerback


Morning: Speed workout! 5 X .25-mile 5K-pace intervals | 4 miles in 45:15
Athleta Pop Spacedye Tee & Midnight Blue Relay Skort
 Evening: Essential Yoga video from Runner's World
Athleta Coral Spacedye Breathe Tank;
Lululemon Black Wunder Under Crops
Morning: Easy run for 3.18 miles in 35:39
Athleta Catalina Green Stripe Chi Top & Black Relay Skort;
O.C., one of my feral kitties!
Evening: 25 minutes full-body strength training
Oiselle Flyte Tank; Lululemon Black Wunder Under Crops
Friday was supposed to be a rest day, but I ran the GNC Liberty Mile race with a warm-up so a total run of 1.75 miles.
Lululemon Jeweled Magenta Swiftly Racerback;
Athleta Asphalt Relay Skort

I took Saturday as a rest day. I hadn't expected to go so hard in the race, and while my body felt fine, I really needed to give my throat a rest since I was still coughing.

Long run for 5.23 miles in 01:04

My long run starts at just 5 miles. I knew the triathlon was going on so decided to go away from town to the 40th Street Bridge but quickly realized that was the route of the 10K portion of the triathlon. I tried to run on roads instead of the trail as much as possible. It irritates me when others take up the course when there's a race going on--especially the bicyclists who ding their bells at the runners!!! I wanted to yell at them, "There's a triathlon going on! Bike on the road!" but I didn't. When I did have to run on the course, I stayed as far to the side as I could so I didn't get in anyone's way. I had two nice, long climbs across the 40th Street Bridge and back. It was raining for most of the run, but it felt good. Toward the end, there was a pretty big thunderstorm with heavy rain and lots of thunder and lightning.
Athleta White UPF Tee & Raspberry Relay Skort;
Lululemon Run Like the Wind Hat
After my run, I was reading the Agent Athletica blog--one of my favorite blogs, by the way--and saw Suzanne's tough August challenge to build upper body strength. That reminded me of the 30-day abs challenge that Shaun and Running Bear did, who both reported how it helped their training. So I did my first day--20 reps of five abs exercises plus a plank. I'll be making a spreadsheet to map out my exercises for the next 30 days.

This afternoon was on the cool side, so we took Django to Schenley Park for a walk. (He wilts when the temps are much above 60 so can't go for long walks when it's hot.) Our walk on the trails was shady, breezy, and wonderful.
Lululemon Bruised Berry Cool Racerback & Forest In the Flow Crops;
Athleta White Extra Long Chi Tank

Next week will be another easy week with a long run of just 6 miles and my first pace run, which I can't wait to do.

Have a great week!

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