What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Style

I remember laughing when I read Amanda's note that you can't really call yourself a blogger until you do a What I Ate Wednesday post. Ha! I thought it would be fun to do, at least once.

People often wonder what I eat as a vegan. In winter, I tend to cook a lot, try new recipes, and make beautiful, unique, and healthful meals. But in summer I'm more of a grazer and take advantage of summer's in-season fruits and veggies. When I was a kid, my dad had a huge garden. One of my earliest memories is going to the garden, sitting in the dirt, and eating sun-warmed tomatoes and green beans right off the plants. Maybe it's because I grew up eating raw veggies, but in summer I don't like to cook my veggies, so my meals these days are pretty simple.

1 banana, half before my run and half after
5 ounces fruit juice (I've always considered it an ultimate sin to drink calories and usually just drink water and tea, but I found recently that I need to raise my blood sugar before running first thing in the morning.)

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Oats: Mix of oats and oat bran (oat bran is more nutritious with more protein and fiber, but because I eat so much high-fiber fruits, veggies, and legumes, I do not need that much fiber) plus 1 tablespoon flax seeds, cooked with 1 cup light vanilla almond milk, mixed with stevia, cocoa powder, and 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Mid-Morning Snack
1 nectarine

Cherry tomatoes

Bell pepper (sliced with a bit of salt)

Syrian soup made with lentils, rice, and onions from Ali Baba, a mediterranean restaurant (This soup is my all-time favorite that I would request as my last meal before dying! I order it at least once a week.)
Pita bread to go with the soup

Afternoon Snack
1 Plum

Salad: Mixed baby spring greens and baby spinach with a simple dressing I make from miso, tahini, and water

Smoky Miso Tofu Sandwich: Recipe from Vegan Yum Yum--pressed and sliced tofu marinated in a smoky miso sauce and then baked. Served on homemade whole wheat bread (I bake my bread instead of buying it because it tastes better, is more nutritious, and saves me money...see my post about it) with a bit of reduced fat vegan mayo

1/4 avocado (forgot to get a picture)

Slice whole wheat bread toasted with peanut butter & jelly

Small handful of vegan Ghiaradelli chocolate chips (one kind of their choco chips is vegan)

I'm a huge, huge water drinker and always have been. I think I was the only kid who wanted water instead of soda. In addition to water, I drink about 4-6 cups of green tea and mint tea (made with a combo of green and black tea leaves.)

So now you know how exciting my meals are, ha ha! Again, though, I eat much differently in winter because I cook a lot more. I'll have to do a WIAW post this winter to compare.