Weekly Running Recap: July 14-20

This week was not a great week and didn't go expected, mainly because...I blew off my 5K race!!! I still can't quite believe I did that. It's a good thing I'm not actually training for anything right now because I'd have gotten an "F" in effort this week in both fitness (ran only 10.79 miles!) and healthy eating.

This upcoming week is my last non-training week before I start half-marathon training. I'm going to make it a good one so that I can go into training feeling strong.

Rest | 50 minutes yin yoga in the evening

Lululemon 105 Singlet in Blue Tropics & Clear Mint/Grey Energy Bra;
Athleta Ashpalt Chat Capris;
Kitty in the corner watching!

Close up to show these colors together. Love the combo.

I had serious doubts about a polar vortex cool-down after a hot and humid morning run! 3.19 miles in 35.15.

Lululemon Zing Pink Light Energy Bra & Beachscape Bangbuster;
Lorna Jane Samba The Force Excel Tank;
Athleta Midnight Blue Relay Skort

The drawback of running before the sun comes up on the river trail? Lots of
gnats stuck to me by the time I get home!
Evening: 30 minutes full-body strength training at home (didn't make it to the gym at lunch)
New Balance shorts; UA tank; Lululemon White Energy Bra

It started to cool down! Was about 65. I was slightly chilly with just a tank, but I quickly warmed up. Did a one-mile tempo run for a total of 3.80 miles in 42:50.
Lululemon Pretty Purple All Sport Bra & Bangbuster and
Bali Breeze Cool Racerback; Athleta Asphalt Relay Skort
It was so chilly after I finished my run and cooled off that I had
to wear a jacket (Lulu Define) to walk the dog. I was
pretty happy about that!

Bliss! Heaven! Wonderful, delicious coolness--just 54 degrees in the morning! I loved this run--3 miles in 33:19.
Athleta Morning Glory Purple Relay Tights & White Extra Long Chi Tank;
Lululemon Black LS tee (totally forget the name...fast track? very lightweight)
& Pretty Purple Bangbuster

Friday was a rest day to prepare for my 5K race on Saturday. I had the day off and spent it shopping and prepping food for a dinner party on Saturday night, so I actually spent the entire day on my feet.

Saturday I had a scheduled race, the Hula Hula Hustle 5K, put on by Steel City Road Runners Club. Because it was put on by the running club, only cost $10, and was on the trail right by my house, I didn't think of it as a "real" race and so wasn't nervous at all, even though I planned to get a PR and break 30.

I woke Saturday morning to a dark, gloomy sky, the sound of steady, hard rain and the aftermath of a movie-dream playing in my mind. It's that feeling of, "What? There really aren't bad things chasing me in rickety, open flying vehicles through a weird, futuristic city?"

I looked at the radar map about 100 times that morning, and it continued to look like this:

I put on my raincoat and put on the dog's raincoat (yes, he has a bright yellow raincoat and looks like the Gorton's fisherman!) and we headed out for our walk. It was miserable. It was a steady, soaking rain, and it zapped any lingering energy and excitement about the race right out of me.

I didn't want to be out in the rain, I didn't want to run in the rain, and I certainly didn't want to race and endure a painful 30 minutes in the rain.  And so, perhaps because I wasn't thinking of is as a real race, I said, "Oh well" and skipped it. I hardly even felt guilty. My mind was already on getting everything ready for the dinner party that night. I didn't feel like doing nothing, though, so I did the sun salutations and standing sequence from Ashtanga yoga.
Lululemon Pretty Purple Power Y Tank & Bangbuster, Bruised Berry Wunder Under Crops
Cat cuddling post-yoga
When my husband got up, he said, "I can't believe you blew off your race. That is so unlike you!" It really was. I am not a blower offer of things. I plan things, and then I do those things. I rarely even miss training runs. Even now, a day later, I can't really believe I didn't go. Yes, it was raining, but yes, I had purchased a great running jacket specifically for times like yesterday. And yes, the guilt has finally hit me. This race would have been great for working toward my PR because I know the course well, it is completely flat, and it was cool. Oh well. I'm going to try not to beat myself up over it and move on.

We spent the day prepping for the dinner party, and it was awesome. Everyone else there was an omnivore, but I can judge what omnivores like pretty well (I would never serve people the things I eat on a daily basis, like tofu scramble and steamed kale), and everyone really liked everything. Check out my other blog to see some food porn of what we ate. The bad part for me was that it was also a night of gluttony--pasta, white bread (my huge weakness!), sugary drinks, and the ultimate, awesome, delicious dessert...lemon bars!
Homemade Vegan Lemon Bars.....so delicious!

When I woke on Sunday, my body was very angry with me. I had too much to drink and too much to eat. Going for a run just wasn't happening. So in the afternoon, after I finally started to feel better, we got out and about. We took Django to West Park for a walk--a short one because it was hot by then and he was melting.
Oiselle Burgundy Vertical Drop Tank;
Lululemon Inkwell In the Flow Crops & Wee Stripe
White/Grey Bangbuster
Selfies of the dog and me usually don't work out!
After we got home, my husband and I headed back out for a two-hour bike ride. We went from our house to the Northside river trail, over the bridge to Point State Park, through Downtown to the jail trail, on the trail to the South Side, out on the trail in the South Side almost to Sandcastle, then back along the South Side river trail, across the Smithfield Street Bridge, and then back on the river trail to home. Whew! Biking so long was out of my comfort zone since I don't ride much, but I wanted it to be tough to whip my body back into shape from yesterday's race skipping and free-for-all eating.
Stopped to take a short break in Point State Park
In Point State Park, the fountain & Heinz Field behind me

This week it's onward and upward as I get a solid week of building my base before starting half-marathon training next week. Happy running this week!

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