My Speedy Spouse

I knew my husband Dave was a track and cross country star in high school, but he could never remember his times. He recently found his scrapbook of media mentions from his running days.

Here's his time for the 1,600 meter.

Uh....4:37?! That is crazy fast!

Here's his time for the regular cross country course, which is about a 5K.


What's crazy to me is that he never really liked running and didn't work at it. He only did track and cross country because his friends did. After high school, he never ran again except for here and there (like when I made him do a practice run with me on the course of my first 5K because I was so nervous), until just this spring when he started running a few times a week.

He has never run with a Garmin or watch, so he has no idea how fast he's running. He guesses he's running fast because no one has ever passed him. I'm dying to know his pace! It is crazy to me that he doesn't want to know.

He's running the GNC Liberty Mile race with me, and he guesses he'll run a 6-something mile but he really has no idea. I encouraged him to do a timed trial to get into a competitive wave, but he won't do it. He does, however, worry that there will be such a throng of runners that he won't be able to run as fast as he'd like.

I find it amazing that 1.) he ever ran that fast, 2.) he can still run fast after 20 years of not running, 3.) he is naturally talented but has no interest in working on his running, and 4.) he doesn't really care what his pace is when he runs.

I am completely the opposite in all four of those things, lol! I wish I had his speed for just one day so I can see what it feels like.

I can't wait for the Liberty Mile race on August 1. I am more excited to see how he does than I am to see what my own time will be (which, by the way, I do not have high hopes for). 

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