Goodbye, Negativity

Forgot to post this picture of Seneca Rocks from my 4th of July in West Virgina
Saturday I planned to do two miles at my goal 5K race pace. My goal is to run a sub-30 5K, which I have yet to do (the closest I've come is 30:06), so goal pace is 9:30-9:38. I have been reading Mind Gym, and one of the suggested mental exercises I've been doing is to visualize what I did in a race where I felt I performed very well. The exercise is to go through the entire race--parking, walking to the start, warming up, running the whole race--and visualize everything you can remember. I've been doing that for what I believe has been my best race recently and came up with a list of things I did that contributed to a good effort:

Then you visualize doing those same things in your next race. My 5K race is this Saturday, so this past Saturday was my last chance to practice these things--especially the last one--while at 5K pace. When the run gets tough, it is very easy for my mind to quit on me, to tell me I can't do it and give up. Here's how I did.
After the run, I saw that my average pace was ten seconds slower than I wanted it to be, and a wave of negativity washed over me: "You're too slow. You're not good enough. You will never make your time goal."

But I immediately put a stop to it. I went out on a hot morning and busted by butt in giving it my best effort. I fell short of my goal pace, but it's not because I didn't try. I achieved a mental victory by pushing on when I wanted to quit, and I need to celebrate that.

By the time I had walked back to my house, I felt good about my run and good about myself. While I'm working to improve, I need to remember to celebrate my victories, however small, instead of being so critical of my performance. I won't let that critical and judgmental voice beat me up!

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