New Abs Workout

I started a new strength training routine this week using weight machines so I wanted to start a new abs workout too. I subscribe to lots of fitness magazines and keep workouts I like or want to try. Even though I have an iPad, I'm old school and like to look at paper, so I keep my workouts in a binder.

The one I picked is one I've done before and really like. It features three groups of three core-strengthening exercises featuring Olympian Dara Torres (the workout in the bottom binder). It's from the August 2010 issue of Shape Magazine and isn't online. The exercises use a Bosu ball, stability ball, and weighted ball.

In this one I'm doing below, you start in a plank position with elbows on a stability ball and then very slowly roll the ball out as far as it will go and then back. 

Each group takes about 10-15 minutes to do, and you're supposed to do each group once a week, for a total of three times a week. I haven't focused on abs exercises in a while, so I'm excited to do this workout. The first group I did last night was tough. I took a before picture, so if I find that this workout gives me more definition I'll post before and after shots.

In running news, the "cool" 66 degrees this morning made for a delicious 3.18-mile easy run. Runners who use the river trail on the Northside--have you noticed the white goose that suddenly showed up with all the Canadian geese a week or so ago? He is a hissy goose and always hisses at me.

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