Weekend Running Recap

This past week was a bit mixed up because I decided to run on Monday, my usual rest day, since I had the day off. While a bit mixed up, I got all my scheduled runs in. This was the first week I didn't do any yoga. Ugh! Need to work on that next week.

On Monday, I did hill repeats for the first time in this training plan. I did four one-minute repeats at a 9:16 pace on Troy Hill Road. Tough!

Wednesday was an easy run day for 4.5 miles.

Thursday was three tempo miles at race pace. Again, because I'm not quite at a 9:38 race pace for a 10K, I split the miles up into the first at 10:00, the second at 9:50, and the third at 9:38. This worked well for me again. I'll definitely use this pace strategy for the 10K race.

Saturday is usually my long run day, but I had plans in the morning so switched it to Sunday. The night before, my husband, a naturally fast runner who hasn't run in several years, promised he'd run on Saturday with me. He didn't feel like it on Saturday, but I wouldn't take no for an answer. So we headed out on our third run ever together! I suggested we start slowly and only do two miles since this was his first run. My slow, easy run pace is 11:30. He is naturally fast, and that was just too slow for him. The whole run, he kept pulling me forward and I kept pulling him back. Average pace was 10:50. Because it was slow and easy for him, he said the run wasn't nearly as bad as he'd thought. He thinks he'll start running regularly a few times a week (he usually just bikes). Yay!
After our first run together since 2011! Wearing Athleta Pacifica UPF Shirt in White, Athleta Relay Shorts in Midnight Blue, and Lululemon Run Like the Wind hat in Rad Plaid
After our run, we took Django to Schenley Park. It was his 2nd Gotcha Anniversary, so we wanted to do something fun with him. It was nice and shady and not too hot. But it was hot for Django, so I brought lots of water for him plus a spray bottle to spritz with water. In the end when I tried to run a bit with him, he was not having any of it. He ran for about 10 seconds and then stopped and refused to move until we headed back to the car. I also did some posed running shots for a new blog header. I normally would not run in this top!
Django was thinking, "Don't make me run, lady!" I'm wearing Lululemon Power Y Tank in Pretty Purple and VSX Knockout Capris in Black Marl

That night we grilled out in our backyard since we didn't have plans. I made an awesome new salad-- Argentinian Hearts of Palm Salad. We grilled Django some hot dogs to celebrate his gotcha day.
Are they going to cook me hot dogs?
Do I smell hot dogs cooking?
Wonder if they'll grill me any more hot dogs?
Sunday was sunny without a cloud in the sky. I didn't make it out as early for my long run as I'd have liked, and it was super hot the whole time I was out. Between the Salt Stick I took pre-run and sipping Nuun every half-mile, I didn't get overheated or nauseated though. I wanted to do a very slow 12:00 pace, but I tend to run faster in the sun so I can get out of the sun quicker. At two miles, my pace was 10:50, which was way to fast for my long run on a hot day, so I forced myself to slow down and ended with a 11:19 pace for seven miles. The only problem I had was a little trouble with the deep belly breathing I usually do. I felt like heat was constricting my breathing a bit. Still, I had no major problems and was able to finish with a strong finish at a 10:30 pace for the last 10 minutes.
Very sunny for my long run, but my hat helped a lot (Lululemon Run Like the Wind Hat in Rad Plaid)

In the afternoon, we drove to Ohiopyle and hiked the Ferncliff Peninsula Trail. It's one of our favorites to take Django on because it's short (less than two miles), shady, and ends near the river so he can get in the water. At the first chance he could get in the water, he laid down and then got up and was so excited that he tried to run in circles on the rocks. He was still excited when he tried to go in the water a second time, but the rocks were slippery and he slipped, which scared him a little. Between that and the rushing water (the falls were high and fast because of all the rushing water), he wasn't too eager to get in the water again. I went in with him where it was shallow, and the water was ice cold. Overall, it was a fun weekend to celebrate Django's 2nd gotcha anniversary.
Django and me at Ohiopyle after our hike and playing in the water. I'm wearing Lululemon Cool Racerback in Bali Breeze, Lulu Energy Bra in White, and Athleta Relay Skort in Midnight Blue.

Weekly Recap

Total weekly mileage: 21.08

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