Weekend Running Recap

Yesterday's scheduled run was for eight miles with a strong finish. I decided to stick to the flat river trail so I didn't inflame my left heel. It's gotten a lot better this week. It seems it responds really well to stretching, foam rolling, and icing; by Saturday morning it was barely noticeable.

With the temps at 70, I wanted to take this run slow and easy. I debated whether to wear a running skirt or my new Athleta Be Free Knickers and ultimately decided on the knickers since they have pockets, which I use for tissues. I also have on my Athleta Extra Long Chi Tank in Amalfi Blue.

I loved my Lulu Bangbuster in Beachscape with this outfit.
But because it was going to be a long run with probable periods of sun and possibly rain, I switched my Bangbuster for my new Lulu run cap that I bought last week. It's silver spoon wee stripe, and the inside brim is clear mint--love those colors together!

After taking Energy Bits, a Salt Stick, and a eating chia seeds, I headed out. I had my Camelbak fuel belt on and sipped Nuun every half-hour. I brought 1/4 cup of raisins with me and ate them when I got to mile four. I stopped for a brief walk break while I ate them. I give people who run-walk credit. I find it much easier to just keep running because as soon as I start walking, my body thinks I'm done running and is very reluctant to run again!

Around mile four my left heel started hurting and continued to hurt through the rest of the run. I ran on grass when I could, and that helped a bit. Otherwise, I kept my pace to a slow 12:00-minute mile and had no problems with fatigue or nausea. It was a really enjoyable run, and I didn't overheat.

The last part of the run was a strong finish running at a 10:30-11:00 pace for the last ten minutes. I had no problems speeding up and was easily able to keep to that pace for the last ten minutes.

I loved the Athleta knickers. They are very lightweight, and the pocket placement right at the hip was ideal. Lulu's pockets are on the thighs, and I'm always digging to get things out of them. The light color of these knickers did show a little sweat, but it didn't really bother me. 

My heel was throbbing when I got home, so after I foam-rolled, stretched, ate lunch, and showered, I decided to lie down for a few minutes to rest my foot. I realized then how exhausted I was and fell asleep for over an hour! 

We always do something fun with the dog on weekend afternoons, but it was raining. Boo! So, no cute dog pictures in this post.

Instead, we decided to run errands and went to the mall and Target. I ordered some workout tights (the Knockout Capri) from Victoria's Secret online when they had a sale last week and wanted to exchange them for the shorter crop length. I really like these tights--very compressive and slimming. I got them in Black Marled, a shade that will not only go with everything but also hides the VSX logo (which I hate). Of course I had to stop in Lululemon. I scored a Karma Longsleeve in Heathered Plum on markdown for $49. It's slim-fitting and incredibly soft with a nice long length. I loved it when it first came out but refused to pay $68 for it.
It's longer in the back so covers the bum.
Later, after it stopped raining, we did take Django to West Park.

This morning my heel was feeling fine. Still, I decided to take it easy and run on the dirt trail on Washington's Landing.

It felt good on my feet, but my foot did start hurting while I was running. I did more foam rolling, stretching, and icing when I got home, and now it's pretty much gone. So, apparently it really only flares up while I'm running. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I'll keep my foam rolling/stretching/icing regimen going.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms, including those with furry kids like me. :-)

Weekly Recap
My first 25-mile week! Didn't do enough yoga though.

Total weekly mileage: 25.8

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