Lulu Confessions

You know when you swear off something you really want, it works for a little while but then you start to go beserk and binge? Well... At the beginning of this year, I vowed to stop buying from Lululemon. They have a crappy return policy, limited sales (usually the sizes no one else wants), no customer rewards program, etc. I'd always bought stuff from Athleta but also started exploring other brands like Yogasmoga and Oiselle, both of which I love.

But. When Lulu started releasing products in colors I drooled over, I became weak. And this happened.

I should offer up the weak explanation that I wear my workout clothes all the time, as most Lulu lovers do--for hikes, walking the dog, and for general wear. And that these purchases were over the last two months. And I should also explain that the bag I bought (Flow to Om) is for work and something I've needed for about a year and the Karma Longsleeve was on sale. But my explanations end there. The other purchases are all due to color. The Cadet Blue color in the High Times Crop is a gorgeous blue/purple/grey shade that I wanted in a bottom.

I love Pretty Purple and bought a Power Y Tank, Bangbuster, and All Sport Bra (which I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I can run in). I also love Earl Grey, which has a greenish tint. I don't have a Dance Studio Jacket so bought one in Earl Grey. It is super flattering and I love it--you can see lots of pics of me wearing it at the Finger Lakes.

And then there is Antidote. Swoon. It's a chartreuse that I immediately fell in love with. I debated and debated getting a Forme Jacket in that shade since all my jackets are neutrals. I'm so glad I did. It seems to go with everything (blue, purple, black & white, grey, etc.), and I wear it all the time. The Cool Racerback tank and Vinyasa Scarf were no-brainers to get. I also love the Clear Mint CRB tank I got last year so picked up an Energy Bra and Run Like the Wind Hat, which is in the same color family as Antidote.
 Here's the Antidote tank paired with Parallel Stripe Wunder Unders.

Of course, just when I thought I was safe from colors, Lulu released a bunch of new running gear this week. I was weak again. Additional confessions might be forthcoming.

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