Avoiding Tummy Issues While Running

In case you missed it, Runner's World gave a recap of a new article that gives six strategies for preventing nausea and pit stops while running.

Some I'd heard of, but this one struck me: "Don’t use overly sweetened drinks or mix sports drinks, gels, bars, etc. Yes, more sugar means more calories for energy, but it also means increased risk of stomach distress."

For my first half marathon last year, I not only ate the completely wrong thing the night before but was so nervous about having high enough blood sugar levels (my recent post explains why) that while waiting for the race to start, I was downing Gatorade and eating energy chews like no one's business. Then I had both Gatorade and energy chews during the race. I got excruciating nausea at mile 11 and walked the rest of the race (and was so upset I promptly signed up for another half, the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon, which went much better).

I'll definitely be following the strategies in this article for upcoming races.

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