Three Tempo Miles Done

When I saw that the temperature all day today would be cool, I saved my tempo run for after work. I fueled up with Energybits, a SaltStick cap, and Nuun mixed with chia seeds before I left to walk to the river trail for my run. I had no problems with nausea, which is great.

But it was still tough. I wasn't mentally crying like a baby like I was during last week's tempo run, but it was tough to keep to the 9:49 pace, and at some points I was closer to 10:10-10:30. But I did what I could and got it done. On the plus side, the cool breezes felt awesome, though I was amused to see the majority of other runners in long shirts and even sweatshirts when I was wearing (and very comfortable in) a tank top.

The good thing about tempo runs is that they sure make me appreciate my easy runs.

I started the day with Power Yoga from the Runner's World website. I hadn't done that video in a few weeks and forgot how much I like it. I love that it both builds power and stretches hamstrings, glutes, and hips.

Distance: 4.75 miles; Time: 51:13; Pace: 3 miles at 9:49-10:30 sandwiched in between 1.75 miles at 11:30 pace

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