Race Pace Intervals

Maybe I haven't run for the last time in snow this winter/spring after all! I was surprised to see it was 32 this morning. Because I was working from home, I decided to save my run for lunch when the temps would be better (upper 40s). Last time I did that, the river trail was crowded with people enjoying the day on their lunch break (that's a polite way to say hogging the trail and getting in my way!) so I decided to go an hour earlier at 11.

Well, not only was there a Pirates game about to start, but the trail was thronged with what appeared to be millions of school kids on a field trip. I couldn't get away from them. I ran up to run by the restaurants on the upper section and saw a throng headed up the steps in front of me. I ran down the steps to get back to the trail and another group ran to the trail right in front of me. Luckily, the teachers saw me in advance and made them all stand back so I could get by, but it was still crazy. The trail from above probably looked like this photo!

On today's running menu was four half-mile intervals at race pace (9:39). I had wings on the first three intervals! I was fairly easily running at race pace or faster, between 9:10 and 9:40. I knew it was bad, that I should really be trying to get to 9:39 and stay there so my body learns what that pace feels like, but it's not often that I can run at a faster pace easily, so I went with it. The fourth interval I slowed down to 9:40-10:10.

I've decided I like intervals much better than tempo runs. My body does not like to run fast for long periods of time! I wonder if it ever will?

As with other recent runs, I fueled up beforehand with Energybits, a Salt Stick cap, and chia seeds. And as with those other runs, I had no nausea or fatigue. Yay! I'm so happy I found a solution that works for me.

Tomorrow is a day off to do strength training, then I'll be running my long run of 7 miles at North Park on Saturday. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and this nice running weather!

Distance: 4.67 miles; Time: 51:26; Pace: 4 .5-mile intervals with .25-mile recovery sandwiched in between 1.8 miles at 11:30 pace

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