Intervals with a Surprise

This morning I started my run a little later--around 6--since I was working from home today. As I got to the river trail and was setting up my Garmin, a woman ran passed me and said, "Good morning." I  said "good morning" back but didn't see her. Later on I saw her running toward me, and guess who it was?! The woman--I had guessed she was a coach with Team in Training--whose advice helped me breeze up the big hill during the JASR race! For the rest of my run I kept seeing her on the trail with a group of about four other women. I'm guessing she was their coach and leading a workout. I so wanted to tell her how much she helped me during the race, but they were all running hard and I didn't want to interrupt their workout. But I'm very excited to learn that she lives in my neck of the woods, and I'm sure I'll run into her again. When I do, I'd like to ask her about Team in Training.

I ran three .5 mile intervals at race pace (9:39). I had no trouble and no nausea--yay! The only thing is that since I ran later, the sun was up and blinding me on the way back. It was nice to see the sun so I didn't mind, but I'll need to remember to bring sunglasses next time.

This weekend I'll need to do early morning runs to beat the heat. I hope everyone enjoys running in the nice weather this weekend!

Distance: 4:16 miles; Time: 45:10; Pace: 3 X .5 mile at 9:39 pace with .25 recovery sandwiched in between 2 miles at 11:30 pace 

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