Fit Review Take 2: Athleta Spritz Run Jacket & Be Free Knicker

I got the new sizes I exchanged in the Athleta Spritz Run Jacket and Be Free Knicker (original fit review here.)

The run jacket in small was too small, so I exchanged it for a medium. The medium fits great! It is roomy, long enough, and comfortable.

Here's the side view with the hood up.

And the back view, with a zippered, reflective pocket that you can stash the whole jacket into.

Here are the jackets on top of each other, with the small on top.
It's a little hard to see the difference, so my finger on the next one shows where the small ends on the side. There is about an inch difference in the width.

There is a lot of difference in the length. From the shortest part of the small to the longest part of the medium (the back is longer), there's a whole finger's length of difference. But measuring apples to apples, it's about two inches different in length.

After chatting with Courtney on Twitter last week, I decided to order the Brooks LSD Lite Running Jacket, which was my back-up option. The jacket gets great reviews, and my only qualm with it was that it screams "running jacket!" so I wouldn't be able to wear it for casual wear. Plus, I don't love the contrasting color swoop on the one arm. But I found a color I liked (bright green and black) for just $55, so I ordered it before I got the new Athleta jacket in. If the Brooks jacket is even halfway decent, I think I'll keep it to save $40 and return the Athleta jacket. After all, I'm only going to be wearing it in the rain or in super windy conditions, so I won't be wearing it all the time. It's supposed to come next week, and I'll post a review then.

I also exchanged the small in the Be Free Knicker for a small petite, which is an inch shorter. They are perfect! I wanted crops that came just past my knees, and the I love the length in the petite size.

Here's the side view showing the placement of the side pockets.

Here's a shot showing the size difference between the small (on left) and small petite (on right).

These are a definitely keeper, and I can't wait to run in them. If they perform as well as they fit, I'll likely order other colors.

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