Fit Review: Lululemon Dancing Warrior Tank & WAFS Cashew/Black Wunder Under Crops

I said previously that if I can't run in it, a Lululemon product will have to be pretty special for me to buy it. Last week, two new non-running items were uploaded that I thought were pretty special so I took a chance and ordered both.

The first was the Wee Are From Space Cashew/Black Wunder Under Crops. Aside from the Parallel Stripe Wunder Unders, my only other Wunder Unders are from four and five years ago because I've had problems with the newer versions fitting right. I took a chance on these because I loved the neutral color. I was surprised that the cashew color was very beige instead of off-white like I thought it was. Here's a close-up of the print, but the lighting shows it as white instead of beige.

While the fabric is very soft and opaque, I was surprised at how roomy and non-compressive these crops are. In fact, it felt like I wasn't wearing any pants at all.
I ordered my usual size 6 and didn't hear anything about these running large. However, I don't think I'll try to size down because I think the only colors you could really wear with these are black, white, or beige. So, I'll be returning these.

I also ordered the Dance Warrior Tank in a size 6. I wear a 6 in Cool Racerbacks, Power Ys, and Scoop Necks. I got the Wee Stripe Silver Spoon and Clear Mint. The fabric is Luon and soft.
The first thing I noticed was what a roomy fit it is. It is very roomy, almost baggy, in the waist, tight on my hips, and doesn't offer nearly as much support as Power Ys or Scoop Neck Tanks, even when I adjusted the straps for the most support. Here you can see more of how loose it is in the waist.
Here's the side view.

And the back view. I mainly got this tank because I love the back. And even though someone commented about all the product shots showing the straps askew, I had no problems with askew straps (I'm not sure what those girls in the pictures were doing with their straps!)

I felt that the fit of this tank was just too off. It was too loose where it shouldn't have been and wasn't supportive enough for me. As I was walking around with it on for just a few minutes, I looked in the mirror and saw that the tank had crept up and was all bunched in the waist so I took another picture (below). I didn't bunch it myself, so I imagine that doing yoga or even just walking around, I'd need to keep pulling it down. You can also see that the support in the chest kind of wilted from the first to this last photo--taken in the span of about five minutes.

I'll also be returning this tank. It might work better for those who have a more straight and less curvy figure and/or for those who need less support.

I'm a little bummed that neither worked out, but my wallet is happy.

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