A Rainy Run on a Bum Foot

Today I got to test out not only my foot to see whether the heel pain came back, but also my new Brooks LSD Lite jacket since it was raining. Woo hoo! It was gloomy and rainy, so I put on my brightest clothes (orange tank, bra, and headband!) to complement my super-bright jacket. 

This morning and throughout the day, my foot felt 90% better. Maybe I don't really have PF? But the real test would be how it feels after a run. I went after work on a very easy, very short run. There was only slight pain while running, and it didn't feel worse after the run. I think I'll definitely be able to continue running while I work on getting it to go away completely. For the near future, I'm going to scale back on speedwork and hills (darn...ha ha!). While I'm in the middle of training for a 10K race, my most important race will be October's half marathon, and I'd rather make sure I heal completely now so that I can be at my best for half marathon training.

It was drizzling lightly when I first went out but then completely stopped shortly after I started running. Well, I started to bake in the jacket. I should have expected to overheat since it was near 60, and I don't even wear a jacket in winter. The vent in the back wasn't enough for me, so I had to take it off. I think I will likely only wear this jacket in a real downpour. If it's hot out, I'd probably rather just get wet.

Distance: 2.54 miles; Time: 28:50; Pace: 11.22

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