Interesting Tidbits from Runner's World

I love magazines and recently welcomed Runner's World to my collection. I've been reading their online articles for a while so was excited to get my first two issues last month. It's all good stuff, but here's what I thought was particularly noteworthy.

March 2014

You Need Speed!
This article advocates speedwork for every type of running goal and gives suggested workouts. I learned that for 5K training I should have been doing speedwork twice a week (I was doing it only once) and started taking the suggestion to add speedwork at the end easy runs every other day (for example, end with eight 10-second sprints up a hill or eight 20-second strides.)

Flex Benefits
These are simple exercises to strengthen the hip flexor to help prevent injury and run faster. I clipped the routine out to add it to the end of my strength training sessions.

The Whole Body Fix
In this article, a chronically injured RW editor goes to a holistic running clinic for help. There's a lot to this article, but the 11 physical therapists and exercise physiologists the author talked to cited inactive glutes as the top weakness they see in runners...and inactive glutes can lead to all sorts of injuries. The article gives some simple glute-strengthening exercises to do for injury prevention. I started doing them then forgot about them (oops!), so this is a good reminder for me to start them again.

A Running Conversation with Bruce Dern
This guy is crazy! He describes himself as "sick," but either sick or crazy would work. The 77-year-old actor has run more than 104,000 miles in his life. At one point, he and his coach would run the entire day--from dawn to dusk. Their wives would drive ahead and leave bottles of Coke on the road for them to drink. They'd run for three hours at a time, take a one-hour break, and go back out for two to three hours until it got dark.

April 2014
Run. Rub. Repeat.
For the first time ever, research has been done on the benefits of massage. Guess what it doesn't do? Flush toxins or lactic acid out of the muscles. It does help a lot with recovery, though, and can also help curb chronic diseases. I've never had a massage!

Back to Boston (not online)
The author was a guide to a blind runner in the 2013 Boston Marathon. They had just finished before the bombs exploded. It's a really interesting perspective. I'll look forward to hear from the author again after they run the Boston Marathon again this year.

Big (not online)
Another perspective from two people who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon, this article profiles a man and woman who were to be the first little people to finish the Boston Marathon. They are stopped before the finish line--at mile 25.4--because of the explosions and are unable to finish. This was a gripping, extremely well-written article, going back and forth from race day to the challenges and accomplishments of growing up as little people in general and especially of being runners.

Five Nutrition-Packed Salads
The hummus salad sounds awesome! The magazine also includes some great dressings, including a tahini dressing to go with the hummus salad and a tomato dressing.

Do you read Runner's World? Did you learn anything new or read something interesting lately?