Fit Review: Lululemon Top Speed Bra

I've been on the hunt for a comfortable, seamless, racerback-style running bra. The one I have now from Athleta (Hullabraloo Bra) works well but has a bunch of hard seams and isn't very comfortable. So even though I've been on an anti-Lululemon kick, I wanted to try the Top Speed Bra they just released this week. I stopped in the Shadyside store today and bought one without trying it on because I was in a rush. The ed said the sizing is the same as the Energy Bra, so I got it in 8, my Energy Bra size.

Well, it fits exactly like the Energy Bra with the same amount (medium) of support, if not less. It might work okay for those who don't need a lot of support, but that's not me. It's comfortable, but since I can't run in it, it's going back.

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