3.6.14: Essential Yoga & Speed Workout

In the morning before work I did the 25-minute Essential Yoga sequence on the Runner's World website. I wore my new Yogasmoga leggings, which are my new favorite thing. I'll post a review tomorrow.

I worked from home today so ran during lunch. My weather app said it felt like 19 so I bundled up in my usual sub-20 gear. While it was windy at times, the sun was out, and it felt like the upper 30s. I was dying! But it was a nice, "Oh, it's warmer than I thought" kind of dying, so I just sweated it out.

Today was a speed workout day. I went on the river trail from the Heinz Lofts to down past the casino and back. I did five two-minute intervals and had my Garmin set to "pace," so it varied as I went up and down the small hills. At my fastest I saw I got to 7:30-something, my fastest ever speed! That lasted for about two seconds. My intervals ranged from 8:35-9:15 and recovery from 10:30-11:30. It was a good run, and so nice to be out in the sun. Makes me think that spring might actually come after all.

Stats: Time: 45:11; 4.20 miles

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