3.20.14: The I-Don't-Feel-Like-Running Run

Most days I can't wait to go running. Not today. It was windy (what is up with the wind?!) and cold--not an auspicious start to spring. And for a variety of other reasons, all I wanted to do after work was lie on the couch with the cats on my lap, eating pretzels and reading magazines. But I'm not going to improve as a runner by doing that. Plus, I had read Kim's post earlier today, where she ran a tough 18 hilly miles on tired legs after being a little sick the night before. That inspired me to get moving. I made a deal with myself to just run for 30 minutes instead of my scheduled 45-minute interval workout.

I decided to incorporate a little hill work in lieu of intervals. I wasn't up for Troy Hill Road, so I went on the river trail away from Downtown to run across the 31st Street Bridge. The bridge isn't steep, but it's long, so I figured it was better than nothing. I really focused on my breathing and applying the breathing technique for faster paces that I mentioned in yesterday's post about injury prevention. I also focused on my form and keeping my shoulders relaxed and effort consistent. I think all those things helped.

After I went across the bridge and back, I increased my pace and ran back at a moderate to hard effort. It wasn't my best workout, but it was certainly better than nothing, and I'm glad I went.

Stats: Time: 30:51; Distance: 2.97 miles; Pace: 10:24