3.18.14: Power Yoga & Easy Run with Pick-Ups

I'm a very positive person and am never upset for very long, so I feel much better after my poor running performance on Saturday. It's unlikely that I'll meet my sub-30 time goal for the JASR 5K, but that just means I need to work harder to improve.

Isn't it nice to see the sun? And for the temps to be near 50? It makes me think that spring really is coming. What's up with the wind, though?

Today's scheduled run after work was a 45-minute easy run. I ran across the 16th Street Bridge, toward Downtown to 10th Street on Penn, back through the Strip to 30th Street, and then back. I followed a tip in Runner's World to do a little speedwork at the end of easy runs, so I did five 30-second pick-ups at the end and a final moderate-effort push in the final minutes.

I was amused by a guy jogging in front of me for a fairly long stretch in jeans, a winter coat, and a backpack. When he got to his car, I saw it was a younger guy. I think he must be a runner and probably commutes to Downtown by running.

I started my day before work with the Power Yoga video from Runner's World. I really love it since it works and stretches the hips, hamstrings, and glutes.

Run stats: Time: 45:02; Distance: 4.15 miles; Pace: 10:51

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