3.13.14: Essential Yoga for Runners & Speed Workout

I think I spend more time thinking about the clothes I'm going to wear running than the time I actually run.

I took the dog for a walk before my run and realized the sun was hot and bright but it was cold and very windy. The only windproof layer I have is my heaviest winter running jacket that's lined with tech fleece. I've only worn it on the absolute coldest days because otherwise I overheat in it. But the wind was bitter cold, so I decided to wear that jacket with a very lightweight top underneath. (Sidenote: I need a lightweight, windproof shell!)

In the first half of the run I was running into both the sun and wind. My body didn't know what to think: "I'm hot!" "Now I'm cold!" "Now I'm hot again!" When I turned around for the return trip, it was much better and I felt pretty comfortable.

I did my usual route along the river trail to just past the casino and back. In front of the North Shore apartments, there was a flock of seagulls, ducks, and geese all hanging out together. The bigger flock of seagulls was by Heinz Field. The sky was a gorgeous deep blue and clear, with only a tiny wisp of a cloud right above Downtown. 

It was a speed workout day. I dread speed workout days, but they are never as bad as I think they'll be. I upped the number of intervals from five to six, per my training plan, but did less of an easy jog at the end.

In the morning before work, I did the 25-minute Essential Yoga sequence on the Runner's World website. Love!

Run Stats: Time: 45:14; 4.20 miles 

Another sidenote: I made another batch of the vegan blondies I made last weekend. Though made with tofu (which gives them the ooey-gooey texture of brownies) they are not healthy at all but are sinfully delicious and easy to whip up. The recipe is on my other blog.

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