03.04.14: Power Yoga & Easy Run

This morning before work I did the Power Yoga video from Runner's World. This is the third yoga sequence developed for Runner's World, and I liked it as much as the first two. In the 30-minute video, you build strength in your hips, hamstrings, and glutes plus stretch out those areas.

After work was a 45-minute easy run. This weekend was the first time all year they actually plowed the river trail. Why didn't they plow it after all the other snow storms we've had? But for variety, I ran through the Strip to Downtown then back through the Strip then home. It's warming up--33 when I went out. Felt like summer after yesterday. I was out at just the right time to see the sunset. As I turned around near 31st Street to head back toward Downtown, there wasn't much color in the sky but there was a very pretty, celestial gold light. When I crossed the 16th Street Bridge, the entire sky was filled with endless pink clouds. Gorgeous!

Stats: Time: 46:10; Distance: 4.09 miles; Pace: 11:15

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