Yoga for Runners & ... No Run :-(

In the morning before work I did the 25-minute Essential Yoga sequence on the Runner's World website. I do this routine at least once a week and often as a cool-down after runs. It works and stretches everything you use while running--shoulders, back, core, legs, hips, and feet.

The evening was supposed to be my speed workout. I keep checking the "feels like" temperature all day, and was dismayed to see it would feel like 0 when I was supposed to be running. I quickly turned into a popsicle even on my short walk with the dog after work because of the bitter cold and wind. Speed workouts are my least favorite run, so it was easy to talk myself into not going running. I told myself I'd do one of my cardio workouts instead. But as I sat on the couch covered in blankets with my two cats cuddled on top of me, eating the last of my delicious vegan donuts I baked last weekend, time slipped away and before I knew it I was too tired to do any sort of exercise...not even some downward dogs. Boo!

Working out after work has always been tough for me, so I usually work out before work. But I switched to running after work because it's so cold in the morning. Now, of course, it's just cold all the time.

Spring will come this year, right?!