Hip Release Yoga & Strength Training

In the morning before work I did a 30-minute hip release video from Yoga Journal. I absolutely love this video and do it once and sometimes twice a week. It's great for my hips, which have been my problem area with running. Plus, I love the instructor, Rebecca Urban. I know her phrases by heart now, including "Find joy in your hamstrings; it's there, you just have to breathe into it," "Let your hips be open to the gifts you're giving them," and "[This pose] feels really delicious." Ha!

After work, I did the Iron Strength workout from Runner's World I've been doing for the past six weeks. It's tough! It took me a few weeks to work up to the full routine, and I'm still not doing all the sets he suggests. And I admit...I do not do the burpees at the end. Still, it's a great workout.